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R. Crumb at the Frye

We are on a San Francisco 60's weekend. We started by watching "Zodiac". I was curious since I remember reading about the killer when I was at school. I remember being spooked at times when new letters were received and I had to walk to school. The movie was interesting but too long. The movie spent too much time with the character played by Jake Gyllenhaal obsessing over finding the killer.

Today we went to my favorite museum in Seattle, Frye Museum. The current exhibit is R. Crumb's Underground. Crumb's cartoons were always around while I was in high school and college. He was part of the counterculture and the rebellion that went on in the late '60s. But I knew little about him beyond the cover for Cheap Thrills album, the Keep On Truckin' guy and Fritz the Cat.

The exhibit is a collection of his work through the years. Some of it fascinating, some of it vulgar and misogynistic. All very interesting.

I didn't realize that he moved to France in the early '90s to escape the commercialism and conservative religious trends in the US. There was a great cartoon of their live in a small French village. I searched around and found a couple of articles.

For more information:
Official Crumb site

Interview with Robert Crumb from Guardian Newspaper 2005

Salon article from 2000

Crumbland - Life in a French Village - IHT 2007

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