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Snowy Spring Day

Cat Conteplation

A week or so ago, G said he thought we were past the last frost. I was not as certain. I've remembered several years where there was a cold snap late in March. Officially, the last frost is not until mid April. But this is the first year that I've remembered snow this late in March. I don't think it got above 37 degrees today.

I finished the taxes and then ran some errands. At the store I overheard a woman say "Was it Easter we just celebrated or was it Christmas?". Out in the garden department, women were standing in the snow buying geraniums.

It was slushy and wet but the traffic was snarled already by 2pm. Fortunately I made it home before it got really bad. I opened a bottle of wine and relaxed. Kitty was intrigued by the snow and spent some time in contemplation observing the flakes.

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Stupid, frickin' snow...grumble, grumble...

I want spring!! (I complain in whining tones accompanied by much childish foot stomping)

Wow that is late! I hope all of your flowers and plants are ok.

I'm going into Autumn... leaves are turning here and I gave in and put the heater on low. :)

Cats are on their electric blanket.

Marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I think all the plants will be fine. The peas look okay. The only item may be my delphiniums. They had leafed out and they are drooping a bit but nothing looks frost burned.

Leslie - bundle up.


Marta, I love the
cat's-eye view! It almost makes the snow and frost bearable (although,like Anne, I've pretty much had it with winter.)

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