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Computer ailment

I bought a new Dell in December. It was fine for about 3 weeks and then it blue screened and crashed. When I tried rebooting, it would hang and never get to a log in screen. I called Dell and we walked through some disk diagnostics for about 2 hours. Suddenly, it started working.

Well, it did it again on Wednesday. I spent most of Wednesday night on the phone with Dell. We had to restore my system which took forever. The agent on the phone thought it was still okay. It did finally come back and I'm working but I lost everything on my hard drive. It wasn't much since most of my main data is on my external drive (photo and music). But it has been a pain to restore all my programs.

And I don't think that was the problem. I've had problems when I reboot. It doesn't detect my keyboard (USB) and I have to boot again. I tell you - it is possessed and something is wrong with it.

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Did you shop at Circuit City with Kim? Just kidding.

I hope this computer illness is not catching, because I really need mine to be working fine from now until I finish my dissertation!

Seriously, I hope your 'puter problems are not that serious. Good luck.

I'm sooo glad all your photos and music were on an external drive. I hope you computer problems are solved soon.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Uh, Marta, did you read my Blue Screen of Death posts? Dell wants you to think it's software related b/c software isn't covered by warranties but odds are dead-on if you get the blue screen of death, it's hardware related. I would send it back!!

Testing another computer ailment -- i.e., if this comment form works in Firefox.

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