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Sunday Slow Bakers #2 - Sicilian Pistashio Bars

Sicilian Pistachio Bars

Krista came up with a great idea for the bloggers on Slow Travel. dolce.jpg We will pick a recipe from a cookbook and bake it some time during the week. On Sunday, we will all blog the results. Jerry came up with the name - Sunday Slow Bakers.

I missed the first week challenge - Italian Crumbly Cake so I didn't want to miss this week's challenge - Sicilian Pistachio Bars from Dolce Italiano by Gina DePalma chosen by Deborah.

First challenge was to find shelled unsalted pistachios. Fortunately, we have a great local market which has an excellent bulk food section. They have everything a baker (or cook) needs in bulk form. This save a lot of time and my finger nails.

Sicilian Pistachio Bars

The pistachios are ground fine in a food processor and added to the flour. The butter is creamed with the sugar and eggs. Next add the flavoring, vanilla, almond (extract or amaretto) and lemon. I completely forgot the lemon. I should have zested it before starting the recipe. They were good without it but I think the tangy sour lemon would have added a lot.

The cookies are baked in a rimmed cookie sheet or jelly roll pan 18x13 that has been lined with parchement paper. The dough is dense so it can be difficult to spread evenly. The recipe recommends an off-set metal spatula which would have been great. I didn't have one so I used a hard plastic spatula. The cookie dough forms a thin layer. You will want to watch the browning depending upon your oven. My oven is a little cool so the 35 minutes were fine to create a light browning along the edges but lightly golden in the rest of the pan.

Sicilian Pistashio Bars

Let them cool 30 minutes and slice up. Excellent with coffee or milk. These can also be frozen.

Sicilian Pistachio Bars

Here are a few of the other results:

Next week - Babbo's Breadsticks.

Comments (6)

Marta - I found shelled pistachios as well. Thank goodness - if I had to shell 'em myself I suspect that I might have eaten them all.

Looks tasty! If I leave my address will you send me some? :)

hahaha... Sending them off might have been a good idea on Sunday. I forgot to take some to work and now my husband and I have eaten them all. I didn't need the calories but they sure tasted good. :)

Hey - they look good!

Me too?? :-)

Your bars are so perfectly shaped. How did you do that?

Marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Perfectly shaped? I just found the best one and put it on the top of the pile. I had a lot of different sizes.

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