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Sunday Slow Bakers #4 - Grappa-soaked Mini Sponge Cakes

Grappa-soaked mini sponge cakes

It is time for Sunday Slow Bakers. We are a group of bakers from Slow Travel who are baking and blogging together each Sunday. The group was organized by Krista and this is our fourth bake.

Grappa-soaked mini sponge cakes This week's selection is Grappa-soaked Mini Sponge Cakes from Dolce Italiano by Gina de Palma. This recipe had a couple of different challenges. First, I didn't have a mini-bundt cakes pan. I don't even have a bundt cake pan. I thought I would use a regular tube pan and then I remembered that I have a savarin ring pan. I thought that might be better than a regular tube pan.

Next challenge was to find grappa. I had found some locally produced grappa from Clear Creek in Oregon. But no luck today. So I ended up with some grape brandy from Bulgaria! Next time I'll remember to use the State Liquor Board's web search page.

The recipe went together smoothly. I have not had too good of luck making sponge cakes. First you create a simple syrup of water, grappa and sugar. Sift together the dry ingredients.

Grappa-soaked mini sponge cakes

Next separate 8 eggs. Beat the eggs yolks with sugar and honey until double in size. Add the flavoring (more grappa!) and melted butter.

Grappa-soaked mini sponge cakes

Fold in the dry ingredients. Beat the egg whites until soft folds. Pour into pans and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.

Cool cake for 5 minutes and then remove from pan. Brush with the grappa syrup.

Grappa-soaked mini sponge cakes

Serve with berries and whipped cream.

Grappa-soaked mini sponge cakes

Comments (4)

O.k., that looks DELICIOUS!

I love the way you took photos of all the steps. How did the Bulgarian brandy version taste? All I need is strawberries and you sold me. YUM!!

Marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

It was pretty bland and didn't add anything to the cake other than a slight alcohol taste. I don't think it was a strong or as high in alcohol as some of the grappas that I have had. Next time I think I'll try some of the other liquors used by other Slow Bakers such as rum, lemoncello or contreau.


It is a mild flavor, the cake, but it makes a wonderful base for strawberries and whipped cream - maybe touch of almond to the cake batter?

Thanks for your picture help.

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