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Africa Dreaming - Etosha

Elephant at  Kalkheuwel waterhole in Etosha

We could feel a light coat of dust settle on our skin. A slight bead of sweat tickled down the side of my face while I tried to focus my camera lens on the eye of an elephant. The parking area was empty and it was totally quiet but for the snorting, clomping of hooves and occasional splash. It was high noon at the Kalkheuwel waterhole in Etosha National Park in Namibia.

We had been searching all morning for elephants. Driving from waterhole to waterhole, we only saw the occasional springbok or zebra. Our excitement grew as our trusty Toyota Corolla drove up the white dirt road to the waterhole and we saw the large grey elephant bathing at the waterhole.

The Etosha pan is a large dry lakebed which makes up part of Etosha National Park in Namibia. The rains temporarily fill natural water holes and attract thousands of animals. Man made waterholes supplement the natural waterholes providing viewing spots throughout the year. We spent three days in September 2005 driving the white roads and I dream of returning some day.

I would like to share this photo with the members of Photohunt - Enjoy and live your dreams!

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It's easy to see how dry everything was there. You must have had one heck of an adventure.

Wow. Really amazing shot!

Elephants are so beautiful, what a cool picture. Must have been better seeing it for your own eyes though! :)

wow, i would love to see one in the wild


That's what my skin is starting to look like :-) Very nice shot...good PH!


What a cool picture!

Great photo!

One can have an idea of the dryness in the air just from the colors - or lack of colors- on this photo to the skin of the elephant. Beautiful.

What a beautiful creature!

Fantastic photo and I love the description. I can just picture you there taking that photo while the sweat dripped down your face the the dust blew. I love elephants. What an amazing trip this must have been.

What amazing creatures they are! I've only ever seen them in zoos or circuses...you are so lucky to have seen them in the wild. Wonderful photo!

I'm doing PhotoHunt this weekend too if you feel like stopping by!

What a beautiful animal and an excellent picture too!

Have a great weekend.


Marta, that's a gorgeous shot. Your entire album from Etosha is fantastic! I especially loved the shots of the elephants and the zebras hanging out together, and the 3 elephants in deep discussion. And the babies with their muddy feet were adorable. Thanks for posting this!

Wow, that looks almost like it's not real, a statue!


What an incredible photo! And your description is SO evocative! I must go look at the rest of your album.

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