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Sunday Slow Bakers #6 - Hazelnut and Grape Tart

Hazelnut and Grape Tart

It is time for Sunday Slow Bakers. We are a group of bakers from Slow Travel who are baking and blogging together each Sunday. The group was organized by Krista and this is our sixth bake.

Today's bake is the Hazelnut and Grape Tart from Dolce Italiano selected by Kim. It is very different from the typical fruit tart.

First make the tart crust. This is a nice dough although rather soft. It does not use water but uses egg and cream. For flavoring, vanilla and lemon rind.

First you beat together the egg yolks and sugar. Add grated orange rind and vanilla. Grind the hazelnuts and sugar in a food processor and add to the yolks. This ends with a stiff batter.

Hazelnut and Grape Tart Hazelnut and Grape Tart

Beat eggs whites with a little sugar until stiff and fold into the egg/nut batter. Spread on over the tart shell.

Hazelnut and Grape Tart Hazelnut and Grape Tart

Cut grapes in half and sprinkle with sugar and grappa or your liquor of choice. Arrange the grapes cut side down in a circular pattern. They are a little bit slippery and sticky so be careful. G felt it looked like a cobblestone mosaic.

Hazelnut and Grape Tart Hazelnut and Grape Tart

Bake until golden and cool. It is very rich and interesting. I think it would be good with a light dollop of whip cream.

Hazelnut and Grape Tart

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Marta, I so love yur photos! As delicious as the food.

Marta, you always have the nicest photos! I love the small side by side photos. And your tart looks wonderful.

How did you get those grapes in such a perfect pattern?

Thank you so much for the comments. I really appreciate your feedback on the photos. I think it takes me longer to take the photos than it does to bake. :)

Deborah, the grapes were definitely a challenge. They were so slippery in the grappa -sugar. I ate quite a few that fell in 'wrong'.

Oh my goodness - you have made me SO hungry! I love reading your blog and seeing the great photos. :)

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