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Sunday Slow Bakers #7 - Zucchini-Olive Oil Cake

zucchini olive oil cake

It is time for Sunday Slow Bakers. We are a group of bakers from Slow Travel who are baking and blogging together each Sunday. The group was organized by Krista and this is our seventh bake.

Today's bake is the Zucchini-Olive Oil Cake with Lemon Crunch Glaze from Dolce Italiano selected by Jan from Keep your Feet in the Street.

It is early for zucchini here in the Pacific Northwest. We have three plants in our garden and I hope that I will get lots of zucchini this year. I struggle growing zucchini - they never seem to pollinate. My fingers are crossed.

The recipe is very similar to a carrot cake. First sift together the dry ingredients - flour, spice (cinnamon, giner and nutmet) and leavening. Next combine eggs, oil and sugar. The difference in this recipe is it uses olive oil. Then stir in the dry ingredients. Add the zucchini and finely chopped walnuts. Pour into a bundt pan or in my case a tube pan and bake. Drizzle with a sweet lemon glaze. Moist and lovely.

zucchini olive oil cake zucchini olive oil cake
zucchini olive oil cake zucchini olive oil cake
zucchini olive oil cake Zucchini Olive Oil Cake
zucchini olive oil cake

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Thanks for your sweet comments today on The Hague daily Photo. I can see you've escaped the city life and enjoy your new life. Very nice photos btw of your recipes; one of my hobbies being cooking, I'll definitely come back to visit your blog.

OK Marta...clearly you are using two hands to scoop and level the flour in that first shot.
So, what hand did you use to take the picture? Inquiring minds want to know!

Marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Now Deborah, I can't give away my secrets. ;)

Let's just say tripods and timed shutter release allow magic to happen.

It looks delicious and your photos are so nice!

And I love how you have the photos laid out side-by-side. If you have time, I'd love to know how to do that!

Marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Annie, I'll write up some instructions in the next day or two on how to do the side-by-side photos.

Thank you! No rush at all. The instructions you put on the Blog message board about posting from Flickr helped me figure out how to do that. I love that "all sizes" feature which makes it so easy (and I had no clue until I read your post, so thanks!).

I just love your photos, Marta! Even the one of something simple as a carton of eggs is so nice!

Me too!!! Love the photos. They look like they are right out of a page in a cookbook. Did I miss where the instructions were posted? I would love to figure out how to do 2 photos also.

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