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Rainy June

I looked out the window this morning to see an endless sky of gray. Torrents of rain came down yesterday. Will it be the same today?

I walked out for the newspaper and the day reminded me of a tropical mountain morning. The blooming plants were still weighted down with their wet flowers filled with rain. A few more moments in bed with a hot cup of coffee and newspaper before I roll out. First stop, the kitchen to load up the dishwasher and clean up after dinner.

I pull on my running tights and a light poly-pro top. I grab the ipod and head out the door. Damn. It was misty. I put on my rain jacket and start out dodging a couple of slugs slithering across the sidewalk. I can feel my hair frizzing and increasing in size. I must look like a old crone with my hair standing straight out.

People are rushing to and fro. Off to work or to school. I start to jog. Man, an I sore. The gravel crunch under my heels. Run. Walk. Run. Walk. Downhill, that is good. The yards are a riot of color. Spring has been late so the lilacs are still in bloom. I turn the corner. The misty rain hits my face. I feel like I am running next to a waterfall. Tires crash on the asphalt instead of water. I turn off onto a side street. Peace. Run. Walk. Run. Walk. It is so hard starting an exercise routine. Rotten weather doesn't help.

When will summer come?

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