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Vegetable Garden Update

Sugar Snap Peas

Here it is in June so it is time for an update. We have had some very cool - okay unseasonably cold - weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Our garden has been planted but it has been struggling due to the cold.

We have a great crop of lettuce. We planted three types; red leaf, green leaf and oak leaf. I really like both the red leaf and green leaf varieties. I'm not crazy about the oak leaf lettuce variety Mascara. It has grown much larger than I thought it would. It is rather bland also. We had been having some great salads.

Nevada Lettuce


The peas are coming along fine. The bush snap peas have a few pods.

Garden in June

The Swiss Chard was attached by leaf miners. G build a cloche out of reemay and chicken wire. I think it is working.

Reemay on Swiss Chard

The warmer plants that are outside are struggling. The eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes that were hardened off are doing okay. But the green beans are just barely growing and are rather yellow. We didn't harden off the patty pan squash and it is really having a hard time. It turned yellow due to the cold. We've put a cloche around it and it is starting to green.

Patty Pan sqash



Tomatoes are in the greenhouse and they are doing fine. In fact we have our first tomato on the Stupice.

Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Our first tomato

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Marta what do you dress your salads with? Alessandro bought me two bottles of lemon flovored olive oil recently, and I have been combining that with my very, very old Balsamic vinegar from Modena.
I love the odd or different lettuces.

Marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ooh that sounds good Leslie. I usually dress my salads with olive oil and balsamic flavored with a tsp of dijon mustard. For change, sometimes I'll use sherry vinegar. I'll have to try the lemon olive oil. Is it Australian olive oil?


Mmm, peas. Have you eaten pea tendrils? I've been getting big bags from my produce market the past few weeks. You wash them, roughly chop, and saute with shallots. Tastes like a delicate spinach, with none of the "gritty" mouthfeel you sometimes get from cooked spinach.

I enjoyed looking at your garden. Mine is a floating garden because our cabin also floats on the lake. We don't have much space on land for growing veggies. I wish I could have a greenhouse like yours, but it wouldn't survive with our winds. -- Margy

it's really interesting to compare notes from different parts of the country. Here in NC, the lettuce has already bolted due to the heat and I picked my first couple of tomatoes this weekend.

I tried the pea shoots for the first time this year (bought them at the Farmer's Mkt, didn't grow them)...Amy's right, they are really good.

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