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Sunday Slow Bakers #11 - Strawberries in Chianti with Black Pepper Ricotta Cream

Strawberries in Chianti

It is time for Sunday Slow Bakers. We are a group of bakers from Slow Travel who are baking and blogging together each Sunday. The group was organized by Krista and this is our eighth bake.

Today's dessert is Strawberries in Chianti with Black Pepper Ricotta Cream from Dolce Italiano selected by Amy of Destination Anywhere. Perfect choice for June when local strawberries are at their peak. It was also great not to bake and to have a little lighter dessert. I passed on last week's Ricotta Cheesecake.

Strawberries are late this year due to the unusual cold weather we have been having in June here in the Pacific Northwest. We've renamed June to Junuary due to the cold. But fortunately I saw the first batch in my favorite local grocery store. These beauties are locally grown in the rich Skagit Valley just north of Seattle. The grower is the Sakuma Brothers. They have been local farmers for three generations and have been growing strawberries since 1948. Here is another interesting article on the family from Sustainable Northwest.

I picked out a nice basket and carefully carried them home. I didn't want them bruised for the photo shoot.

The recipe is super easy. Wash and quarter the strawberries into a large bowl. Sprinkle with sugar and add a 1/2 cup Chianti wine and macerate for two hours. Meanwhile beat cream and sugar until forms soft peaks. Add ricotta cheese and cracked pepper. Serve as a parfait.

We really enjoyed it. I loved how different it tasted. Not extremely sweet. I did not crack the pepper but instead coarsely ground the pepper which gave it a milder flavor. In fact, G couldn't tell it was pepper. He thought the spice was cinnamon. I'll make this again.

Strawberries in Chianti Strawberries in Chianti
Strawberries in Chianti Strawberries in Chianti
Strawberries in Chianti Strawberries in Chianti
Strawberries in Chianti Strawberries in Chianti

Strawberries in Chianti

Comments (4)

Great job!
I love the way you spelled it out with photos.

I'll be using this one again too! (but not that cheesecake)

I loved how easy this was - perfect for a hot summer's day! The flavour was os unusual but delicious.

Oh that is SO good to look at! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, I was just over on Maria's blog and now here I am. The recipe seems to be very easy and simple. And with the heat of the summer in full swing down here in CA, I like this.

Great photos!

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