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14 year old to be charged with manslaughter

The Skagit County prosecutors plan on charging the 14 year old boy who shot and killed the hiker on Sauk Mountain with first-degree manslaughter. The prosecutors feel there is enough evidence to prove recklessness.

More details have come out in the past weeks. The boy was only 120 yards away. He shot across a popular trail. He did not take time to positively identity the target with binoculars - only the scope on the gun. The woman had been wearing a blue parka which she had taken off and was putting away in a pack. The woman she was hiking with was near her on the trail. And she was shot in the head.

The hiker's death may also result in changes to the state laws regarding young hunters. As this article in the Seattle Times says - "How old is 'old enough' to hunt in Washington?"

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So tragic for everyone.

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