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Photohunt: Colorful


Chihuly at DeYoung
Dale Chihuly - Seaform and Persians glass ceiling

This week's Photohunt theme is colorful. Nothing screams colorful to me than a local Pacific Northwest artist - Dale Chihuly. His work in glass is always a riot of color. The De Young Museum in San Francisco's current exhibit is a collection showing his different styles ranging from glass baskets to large chandeliers. The rooms are dark with excellent lighting to highlight the brilliant colors. The photo above is a ceiling display of his seaform and persian glass. You feel like you are in an underwater sea garden when you enter the room.

Another great place to see his work is outside the Tacoma Glass Museum at the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. The pedestrian bridge over the freeway has a wall of his venetian glass, the icy blue crystal towers and a seaform pavilion similar to the display above.

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Below are two other shots from the Chihuly exhibit which runs until September 28, 2008. Enjoy the colors.

Chihuly at DeYoung

Mille Fiori garden of glass

Chihuly at DeYoung


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These pictures do a great job of showing off colors! I've always admired artists, especially glass blowers, for being able to envision and create such colorful objects.

Thanks for stopping by...

Exception professional photos

I do love his stuff. The Tacoma Art Museum also has this wonderful granite sculpture that looks like a wave that he built glass floats for. It's in sort of a courtyard within the building; it's open to the air, and you can look at it from all four sides.

These are stunning images.

Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such wonderful comments.

Yes! the Tacoma exhibit is great. I completely forgot about it. I love how you can walk around it for different views.

That glass ceiling is the most beautiful thing I've seen today! I'd love to see his work in person.

Your photos of the beautiful Chihuly glass are lovely - very professional and very colorful.

I'd never heard of Chihuly until about two months ago, and I am pleased to now see photos of his work in many places. You're fortunate to have an exhibit near you.

Marta you have made my morning! I love Chihuly glass! No matter how much Venetian glass I see, I still like Chihuly's creations best. :)

P.S. I'm still reeling after reading about the boy shooting the hiker. I'm still shaking my head in dismay!

Ooo cool! Great photography too.

You have really captured the beauty of Chihuly's sculpture.


Glad you are back doing PhotoHunt. I missed your shots. I just recently read about this glass museum. Is it new? Dale Chihuly's work is amazing! I love your photos. I can only imagine how incredible it is to see his work in person. I think you might have Hawaii on the brain...shave ice and mango? I had quite a chuckle on that one...and sort of like the name!

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Marta your photos are beautiful and so is his artwork. I've heard of him before but never knew what type of art he "did."

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, awesome theme photo! All your photos are great as always. The colors of that first one is amazing. Cool artist!

Thanks for posting thse and have a great day!

Well, there's nothing like Chihuly for being colorful! How lucky you are to have gotten to see the exhibit. Your photos are wonderful!

Marta, Your photos are wonderful! I just love the boat!!!
We had a Chihuly installation at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens a few years ago. He broke all records for attendance. They kept several of his pieces as permanent exhibits.

Girasoli - hahaha - I remember being so careful to get whether it was shave or shaved ice. I completely missed checking the rest. I don't know why I thought it was mango. Maybe a slip from my senior mind. Or thinking too much about Hawaii. :)

The Tacoma museum is somewhat new. It opened in 2002. The Tacoma Art Museum has also been redone and reopened. It has definitely created a renaissance on the Tacoma waterfront. Three museums close within walking distance.

Wow. Those are such awesome photos! I love his work but I've never seen it in person - would love to see it someday. There was a great documentary on PBS called "Chihuly in Venice" -loved that.

I LOVE his work, but I've never seen it in person. :(

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