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No more recipes in the Seattle Times

The Seattle Times has been shrinking and shrinking over the past few years. I've seen the sections consolidate, columnists and writers disappear, and an increase in syndicated articles. This week even more major changes happened in the Times. There are only three sections now. I don't read Sports so for me - it is down to two small sections. There were 22 pages including 4 full page ads in the first section and 18 in the second section in today's paper.

The reasons, lack of revenue and burden of operating under the Joint Operating Agreement. But it is getting ridiculous. I think they have cut too far now . They are almost asking their readers to leave. We had already started to think about canceling our subscription (after 30 years!) and reading it online.

Today was another disappointing day for the new format. There were no food recipes at all in the paper. It is Wednesday, right? I'm even wondering if there is still a food section. The only hint of the old food section was a column by the food writer, Nancy Leson, which is really more of a local restaurant blog. I never even cared much for the column. They had some little insert about the latest hot cocktail. Hmmm... maybe that might appeal to a younger crowd but I doubt if they even read the newspaper. Oh yeah some article about a new book on "Seattle's Historic Restaurants." But nothing about food.

The article above announcing the changes never said that there wouldn't be a food section but it did say that there would no longer be a NW Life where the food was published. Not only are the recipes gone but also the wine column and the gardening section. I just assumed that they would be reduced and moved in with another section. I guess I was wrong. And I think it is a big mistake.

I went to lunch with a former co-worker and I checked out the Seattle Post Intelligencer. It is our second newspaper and part of the JOA. They had a good page or two devoted to food and several good sounding recipes. They also had a good article on food gifts you could make for Christmas.

I've always liked the PI. It has a more liberal slant compared than the moderate Republican slant of the Seattle Times. But I stayed with the Times because they had more depth and content. Or they did at one time.

But after the latest changes this week - the PI is looking real good. Hell for that matter - even the Everett Herald is looking good.

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I will have to check out our Wednesday section to see if we have food stuff still.

I had to laugh about your comment on the Everett Herald! I have read that paper a few times :)

Sounds to me like it is time for a change.

I know what you mean Marta. We are bombarded with news 24-7 from all directions. Anything it the paper is old news before the first drop of ink dries.
We dropped our Post-Dispatch subscription about 6 months ago.
Now I get my St. Louis foodie fix from a monthly free paper called Sauce.

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