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Snow in Edmonds

December Snow in Edmonds

We have been in a cold weather pattern since Saturday. A low pressure created a trough which pulled cold air down from Alaska and British Columbia. It has pushed the cold down into California.

The forecast was for snow to start as early as late Tuesday night. Wednesday morning - nothing. The Olympics created a snow shadow and no snow. The doppler radars screens were amazing. It had created a doughnut with snow circling around the edges of the Puget Sound.

Everyone was gripping on Wednesday about how the schools had canceled their classes but there was no snow. I feel so sorry for the administrators who have to make a decision at 5:30am on what to do. The best headline was "Seattle paralyzed by chance of snow".

We kept waiting around but nothing happened. Then it finally started yesterday afternoon around 3pm. It was light small flakes. We got a good coating by the early evening.

Snow Storm in Edmonds

It continued this morning. I took the ruler and checked the amount on the deck. We received 2-3 inches. The traffic was a mess. There are many major highways closed and people abandoning vehicles. I am sooooo glad that I do not have to drive in it.

I decided to go out for a walk this afternoon. I bundled up, pulled out the hiking boots, gators to cover the ankles and keep the snow out of my shoes and started out. I was surprised at the amount of people out, both walking and also driving.

First I headed for Chase Lake, a small pond that is behind our house. It is a peat bog and used as a storm runoff area. It was covered with a light coating of ice. Under the bridge there was a small bit of the pond that hadn't yet started to ice over. Two ducks were swimming around wondering what the hell was going on. A snow plow went by. Cool. I hadn't seen one in the neighborhood before. It was good to see that Edmonds had one checking the major streets.

I came back and then walked the opposite way. The street goes up hill. The kids were out with their sleds. At the top, was an accident. One truck had slide into a fire hydrant and rock after hitting another truck. Fortunately, it had not caused any water to leak from the hydrant.

Back home, I have been watching the birds in our backyard. We have suet cakes up which attract flickers and woodpeckers. We have two hummingbird feeders and a group of Anna hummingbirds which over winter in our area. We have been bringing them in at night to prevent them from freezing and then put them out in the morning. They are always waiting nearby for the feeder.

Currently it is 27 and snow continues. Here are some pictures from my walk.

December Snow in Edmonds December Snow in Edmonds
December Snow in Edmonds December Snow in Edmonds
December Snow in Edmonds December Snow in Edmonds

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Marta, your pictures are just beautiful. I especially love the first one of the lake. It made me cold just looking at it!

Marta's Reply: Thanks Donna. It wasn't too bad earlier today but I'm starting to feel it now as the sun has gone down.

Great photos! So, has school been canceled again tomorrow?

After growing up in Massachusetts where there had to be a lot of snow to have school canceled and then living in Colorado where school was rarely canceled, I was amazed at how only a few inches would cancel school in Washington. I was always thrilled though...love snow days!

I am still campaigning for rain days here :)

Stay warm and enjoy the beauty of the snow.

Marta's Reply: Yep, they canceled the schools both Thursday and Friday which means school has been canceled until next year. The holiday break starts Monday.

Crikey mate - last day of school today and we all had to go to the pool with the kids. :)

Marta's reply: It is the start of two weeks holiday vacation here now so the kids get a few extra days. I bet a lot would love to be by the pool although they seem to love the snow also.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great photos! How cool. There are times when I do miss snow and it's usually around the holidays. I love the photo with the bird!

Wonderful shots! Definitely looks like a winter wonderland. Suprised that you've got hummingbirds wintering over (ours disappear in the winter). Glad you're taking care of them.

That poor hummingbird is thinking 'what the ????' He should have headed south before the first snow fall.
It looks like a christmas card.

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