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Snowy night walk

Suburban Christmas lights

Brrrrr... is it cold. The sun came out today but it never got about 27 degrees. We put the chains on the car and headed out to stock up on supplies. We hadn't left our house since Sunday and started to run out of a few perishables; milk, lettuce, etc. It was busy out. Everyone was running around stocking up and doing Christmas shopping. The malls all closed early yesterday due to the snow. Not good especially with the economy.

After dinner, I really had the urge to get out and go for another walk in the snow. G didn't really want to go. So I bundled up and took the walkie-talkie. It was just about 20 degrees when I headed out.

It was so beautiful. The skies were clear and the stars were out. The Christmas lights in the neighborhood looked so nice in the snow. There were a few people out sleding but overall pretty quiet. I checked in once or twice with G. He told me it had dropped to 16 degrees! No wonder my cheeks stung.

I headed back. I was getting tired. The snow was so fluffy and light but I had to watch it when ever I crossed a driveway or street. Those were really slick.

It was 15 degrees when I got back. It is still dropping. I wonder how low it will go tonight?

Suburban Christmas lights Suburban Christmas lights
Suburban Christmas lights Suburban Christmas lights

Here are some pictures. The blur is a sledder.

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My gosh that looks cold!

I love looking at your lovely pictures but I'm a snow wimp. 20 degrees?! You were brave to go out for a walk.

Another start of the cold, cold season. Great photos and Merry Christmas.

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