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PhotoHunt: Squeaky


Squeaky Mouse in Winter Snow

This week's PhotoHunt topic is squeaky. Boy was this one a challenge. Several items came to mind - door, pet toy, snow, shoes but I didn't really have any pictures that conveyed the topic until G mentioned mouse. Ah ha! I just took a picture last week of a small mouse that was coming out in the snow to the bird feeder. We only saw him one day and he was stock piling seeds. We think he may have had a small nest in a group of pots. We never see him except during snow storms. He's probably always out there but he blends in well with the surrounding colors.

I hope he is still around. We saw two hawks in the yard yesterday looking for food. He would make an excellent meal for them. Winter survival is harsh.

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I had the same idea too but I opted for another as mine was a rather close up shot and I'm scared someone might squeak... er... I mean scream :P


Criz - I did have a little worry about that. I'm probably going to get a reputation about posting scary items especially since I also had a tarantula for the scary theme. :)

Oh, I hope it is still around, too. We have a pair of hawks in our area. The birds always make such a fuss when they fly over. Maybe your mouse got some warnings, too.

~ Malachi of The Bunch

Great squeaky post,.... hope the hawks didn't get him. Happy New Year.
Come on by and see my squeaky!


seeing a mouse would make me sqeak!


I knew someone would have a picture of a mouse. With a theme like SQEAKY, how could there not be a picture of a mouse! My PhotoHunt post is up for today too.

I adore mice! They are so beautiful. :)

I hope he is still around too! Great shot!!

I thought of a mouse first off but didn't have any mice photos. This was a tough week.

I like your photo. I had a mouse in my house the other day, but I didn't take a photo of it. My cat children had played exterminator so it wasn't a pretty site.
Happy New Year!

Great photo! I had a mouse in my house a couple of weeks ago. The cats had it cornered and I couldn't stand to watch the bloodshed so I caught it (in a bowl) and took it outside. Figure I have some good karma now. :)

(I skipped PH this week - just couldn't get it together because of all the holiday madness. I would have done my kitten (with her very squeaky voice!). )

Great capture! Our snow in Portland is rapidly being washed away by rain today. It was fun while it lasted though.


What a beautiful photo! The little mouse is adorable, and I love the out of focus leaves in the foreground.

What a great shot! I hope he's still around. Please let us know next time you see him.

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