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PhotoHunt: Aftermath


Mountain Loop Highway
Washed out bank along Mountain Loop Highway

This week's PhotoHunt topic is Aftermath. These last few topics have really challenged me. Surprisingly I don't take many pictures after an event. I was surprised.

But after some searching, I remembered that I had a couple of pictures of a scenic loop highway in the Cascades that had been washed out in the last floods. We have had some dramatic weather recently - very warm November, freezing snowy December and now January floods. The weather warmed up after the Christmas snows and we also got a tropical storm from Hawaii bringing heavy warm rains. Those two combined has resulted in most of the major rivers in Western Washington flooding. It is not that unusual to have flooding in January especially in the area of the Snoqualmie River, but this combination has flooded every river and closed the major interstate highway I-5 at Chehalis. Fortunately there have been no deaths but many people are facing major work recovering their homes after being flooded.

Here are more samples of the force of water.

Mountain Loop Highway
Mountain Loop Highway

Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls after heavy rains

Comments (13)

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wow! Those are some incredible pictures, scary but incredible.

These are great nature shots. Nature most of the time heals its own wounds.

You can really feel the power of the water in that last shot.

Great pics...
Mine's up, too.

Wow. Those falls are incredible. Helps explain how that washout in the first two can happen. I like all those rocks in the first photo too.

I agree that there have been a few challenging themes lately. I also found out I don't take many photos after an event.

It is amazing what mother nature can do. Amazing photo of the Snoqualmie Falls! We are getting another huge storm tonight and tomorrow. Hope it doesn't head your way.

Marta's reply:
I hope so too but the forecast is for warm and sunny weather early next week so the jet stream is still funneling the weather up here. I better get the galoshes out in preparation. Thanks for the warning.

Great photos. Love the waterfall.

nice photos but not-so-nice aftermath.


Wow! Water is so powerful...

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great phototheme selection. The weather in WA has really been something. I remember the snow photos you posted. I liked all your photos and the one of the falls are amazing.

Have a great weekend!


Wow! Powerful photos, Marta. I always love your photographs.

Great pick for the theme. I've heard of the flooding in Washington but had not seen any pictures.

Great shots - I imagine that with the crazy weather you've been having the last little while you could have put up many more! Stay dry.

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