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Return to Civilization

We have returned to KK and civilization. The stay at Danum was very special. We did not see too many more animals. We did have a couple of close encounters with bugs and reptiles. It started to rain while we were on our afternoon walk. Boy was I glad I had the leech socks. They were everywhere. Okay, not that bad but we did see several on our shoes and got them in time before they found the skin. They react to the rain like earthworm - rise up to the surface. Then they search out heat. George laid down his hiking stick and on jumped right on. They are thin - kinda like a wet piece of spaghetti and about 1-2 inches long. They go back and forth with their head/snout looking for animals to hook on. But fortunately no bites.

The lodge has been so peaceful. We sat on the deck after our afternoon walk and just listened to the sounds. Right at sunset everything erupted in noise. After dinner, we went on a night walk which was somewhat spooky. It is so dark in the forest. And after we returned from the walk, we took advantage of the outdoor tub to soak in the dark.

The next morning I decided not to do the morning walk. I was pretty exhausted after 4 walks especially the walk to the lookout. I've checked out my pictures and I didn't get too good of picture of the Orangutan. He seemed slow but was actually pretty fast at moving away from us. So far all of our walks have been with our guide. I think I'd get to spooked if I was alone with just George. There is so much life out there.

It was time to check out and head back. The road was just as bad as before. It is a long long 3 hours on the bumpy muddy rutted road. We did have one surprise - a 2 meter long snake was crossing the road. We stopped to check him out. We don't know what type but it may have been a gliding snake.

Our flight was fine and we are back at the King. We broke down and had western food today - pizza. Not too bad. The salad was arugula which I was pretty surprised to see. Tomorrow on to Kuching.

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It sounds like you are really having an adventure!

Eeewww, that was much too much info I did not need to know about leeches :) You are BRAVE to enter the leech zone, walk in jungles (especially at night) and drive by snakes.

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