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Back from Bako

Just a quick post. We are back from Bako and waiting our shuttle to our next hotel. I am dying for a shower. Bako was very interesting. Transportation wise everything went well. We got to the bus stop at about 7am and the bus didn't leave until 7:25. We met up with a great couple from Holland who is doing a 1 year Gap round the world trip. They are on their 6th month. Another woman from England was also waiting which made up 5 people to share the boat. The bus was a long bumpy ride on a very old bus. We got off and did out paper work. It turns out that we just made it in time to get a boat because the tide was out. Oh goodie, we get to walk in. Then the ranger gives us the lecture about stingrays and jelly fish. What have I gotten myself into??

The boat trip is quick - about 20 minutes. We had a little difficulty getting over a shoal and he had to stop a pretty far distance from the beach. George jumped off first and his feet sink into some shoe sucking mud so we all decide to go barefooted. The water came up to our knees. We just sloshed our feet a bit before putting them down to scar off the water critters. It wasn't really that far to walk before we got out of the water area and on to low tide mud. Definitely made for an interesting arrival.

We arrived about 9am and it was too early to check in. So we reorganized our packs and stored one. But we heard that there were monkeys right near the checkin so we headed out. We got to see the proboscus monkey right off. A group of several - male, female and lots of teenagers were hanging out along with gray monkeys. We spent time watching before heading back for some basic lunch.

We reorganized our packs and headed off to the Lintang trail. It followed the boardwalk across the mangrove swamp. We saw more monkeys in the trees and scampering across the mud flats. We also saw big claw crabs and mudskippers.

The boardwalk ended and then the climbing started. Roots, rocks and more roots. I was grumbling big time. It was about 1/2 mile before we reached the plateau and the keranga, a limestone plateau with low shruby trees. Right away we saw the nepenthes we were looking for - two more species that we had been looking for. They were everywhere. It was also hot as hades. We continued across the open area and then entered jungle again. Roots, rocks and more roots. We continued for about 2 km before I got really cranky and we turned back. It was a good thing. It got really hot since the clouds moved off. It was like walking in a sunny sauna.

We got back and got checked into our room - if you can call it that. A half of a house with two single beds - no sheets and I had a stinky pillow. Yech. The shower and toilet were together = nothing but cold water and it took 15 minutes for the toilet to fill. No toilet paper - no soap but we did have a dusty fan mounted on the ceiling. Thank god it was only one night.

We opened a couple of windows and then the naughty monkeys appeared. They gathered in front of our house - about 15 little monkeys. They started crawling on the front and tried to get into the windows. We had to shoo them away. Next they laid down and started grooming each other on the sidewalk. You'd think they owned the place - they do!

We went and had a beer at the canteen and ran into the Dutch couple. She pulled out her cookies and offered us one. And in a flash a monkey jumped on the table and snatched the package away from her and ran off. You can't fight them or they will bite. The staff comes out with a slingshot to keep them away during lunch.

We relaxed for a while and the had a basic cafeteria dinner. We gathered at 7:30 for a night walk. Saw a few insects.

Today, we tried another short hike. I couldn't make it to the beach. I was sweating like crazy. We went back and walked along the beach instead since the tide was out.

The boat was able to make it closer and we waded just a bit. The ride was quick. The bus came shortly after that but the ride was still long hot and bumpy.

The trip is coming to a close. It has been great. I'll write again if they have internet at the Village house - otherwise when we return.

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Too crazy about all those monkeys - I can't wait to see your photos of them!



OK, I'll be honest--monkeys give me the creeps. But very cool to see so many of them!

Safe travels!

OK, it is now official. You and George are my 2009 travel adventure rock star heros.

I don't think I would have even made it that far to see the monkeys. I would not have even gotten out of the boat! You are one brave woman! Creatures swimming around, insects I can just imagine, sucking mud, slingshots to keep the monkeys away?? I will make sure to keep this place off my list...but am looking forward to your photos :)

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