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PhotoHunt: Space


High Sierra view from Mt Whitney

This week's PhotoHunt is Space. My family have lived in the American West for three generations. Wide open spaces are in my blood. It is what I think of when I hear 'space'. The large expanses of open space that still exist here in the West.

We climbed one of the mountains in the West that took us the closest one could walk to space in the continental US - Mt. Whitney. At 14,495ft, it is the highest peak in the continental US. The peak tops of the high Sierra mountains laid at our feet and deep valleys were seen in the distance. It was a tremendous effort to climb in one day (17 hours, 22 miles, 6000ft elevation gain). One of my life goals.

Trail Camp

Trail Camp at around 12,000ft - we reached this area by 9am

Trail Crest
Trail Crest - Joining up with the John Muir Trail

View across Sierra Peak tops
Distance Sierra Peak tops west of the crest trail

View from Mt. Whitney trail
Wide open spaces

Comments (14)

wow! it's an amazing space to see!

That's quite the hike! It's what I think of my wide open spaces, too. Only with a few trees. I'm in Western Montana.

Beautiful photos, Marta. I would love to do that hike one day.

Amazing views! Love these photos. I almost posted a photo from the 14er I did 15 years ago in Colorado for the theme this week. I don't think I could climb another one now that I am older.

Marta's Reply - I know. It has gotten a lot harder to train and the wear and tear on my joints. I know I can't do one now and I'm not certain if I could get in shape for one. But I must admit - looking at these photos did make me want to attempt it again.

Stunning photos and great post! :)


What a wonderful space to have around you. Looks very spectacular. Enjoy your weekend.


Amazing! Endless space :)

Happy weekend :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, these are beautiful photos and that hike and experience is such an awesome life achievement. It's interesting that my second choice this week was a shot I took at the top of the Yosemite half dome which took our group 12 hours to hike. One of the toughest things I've ever done.

I think it is so fantastic what you did and your photos of that experience are just gorgeous.

Great take on this week's theme Marta! Have a great weekend.

That's beautiful. I love the 1st and 2nd photo. What a fantastic place to hike.

Thanks for stopping by.


i am thankful with photos because it allows me to see such beautiful natural places even if i'm not there. the expanse is enormous and so beautifully crafted by mother nature!

These are such amazing photos. I love the little glimpses of water and lakes. I haven't seen this part of the country at all. It IS very interesting how all the western STravelers went with wide open spaces for this theme!

Amazing shots. Nice to see those kinds of view that I haven't seen in real life.

Great photos! It almost looks like snow...Nice that there's trails to some of these places.


Really wonderful photos for the theme!
Lots of SPACE!

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