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PhotoHunt: Four


Four Cousins

This week's Photohunt Theme is Four. It was hard for me to find something with 4 in my photos. Odd numbers such as 3 or 5 are more aesthetic for photo composition. I came across this one of 4 cousins and thought it would work.

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Well, the binky just makes that picture.

I posted a FOUR today also. Please take a look: http://blog.feefifoto.com. Thanks.

I just want to hug all four! The baby with the binky is too cute!

Lots of couples have 4 kids... me too!

I moved my Photo Hunters to my new photo blog. Please visit if you can!


Have a great weekend!

very very cute kids and i must admit, the photo worked. I wanted to be part of the photo ahahahaha


How convenient there are 4 cousins :)

Oh how gorgeous!

Four stairsteps - cute kids! I invite you to come see my backcountry take on four. - Margy

It's the perfect choice! They're adorable! Great photo - and capturing a great photo of four children is quite the feat!

An adorable four!

This is such a great photo! I love the order they are in, the poses all so relaxed (especially the little one), the outfits, and the background. Great choice! Funny, I also had a hard time finding groups of four. Most of my photos had groups of three. Didn't realize that odd numbers are more aesthetic for photo composition. Perhaps subconsciously I figured that out.

Great photo of four cute kids. I agree, the binky cracks me up! But great expressions on all of them.

Perfect! The blue binky makes this lovely portrait eXtra special.

What a nice picture of the 4 cousins ! A precious memory for later !

It works very well . . . Who knew about the aesthtics of photo composition? Perhaps you should write a slowtravel article of 200 on photography! *smile*

Marta, this is a wonderful photo.


What beautiful children! You chose a great "Four".

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great photo and awesome selection for the PH theme! I always enjoy people photos and this is a wonderful shot! They're all very cute, but that little boy on the end is precious with his expression, pacifier and little feet. Great choice.

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