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Flora on Mesilau Trail - Mt Kinabalu

Rhododendron sp.

Rhododendron stenophyllum

This is the fifth in a series of more in-depth posts on our trip to Borneo.
February 15

We saw a wide array of amazing plants along the trail at Mesilau. Here are some more plants that we saw.


This is what we traveled to Borneo for. These carnivorous plants are along the trail at sunny outcrops.

Nepenthes sp.

Nepenthes tentaculata

Nepenthes sp.
Nepenthes fusca

Nepenthes sp.
Nepenthes fusca aerial pitchers


Tropical Rhododendrons also known as Vireya Rhododendrons. We saw several species along the trail.

Rhododendron sp.

Rhododendron sp?

Rhododendron sp.
Rhododendron bud


We saw several orchids along the trail. Many were very small. They grow as epiphytes on the trees.




Other interesting plants

Nature trail at Mesilau

Nature trail at Mesilau

Impatient (balsam)


We never figured out what this plant is. Any ideas?

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Love these photos! What amazing plants. The nepenthes are so cool, very prehistoric-looking.

Great photos. You did such a good job with your photography of these beautiful plants.

Beautiful photos! It must have been so cool seeing all of these along the trail. The flowers are so delicate in your last photo. I too wonder what it is. I also wonder if any of these plants grow wild in Hawaii.

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