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PhotoHunt: Stripes


La Fête de Saint-Michel Menton

It is time again for a Photohunt. This week's topic is stripes. This was actually a fun hunt for me. I did not remember right off any photos with stripes. The first one I came across were some Zebras but I've used similar photos in other photohunts. I wanted something different.

I found the fun photo of St Michel's Day in Menton. St Michel is the patron saint of the beautiful Basilica of Archangel Saint Michael in the Menton old town. St Michel's Day is September 30th and we just happened to be staying just down the street from the church. We were out walking and we noticed that people were gathered in the courtyard in front of the Church. I remembered that it was St Michel's Day since that was also the patron saint of the church in Villefranche sur Mer where I had been studying French.

We waited around and after the Sunday service, a group of men in stripped French shirts - the dress of a Mentonnais fisherman carried out the Archangel Saint Michael. They carried him down the ramps and out to the seaside followed by groups of musicians and dancers in local costumes. It was one of the serendipity chance occurrences that you stumble upon while traveling that stays in your memories.

Here are a few more pictures:

La Fête de Saint-Michel Menton

La Fête de Saint-Michel Menton

La Fête de Saint-Michel Menton

Basilique St-Michel in Menton

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Comments (15)

Great shots for stripes! I am always fascinated by the various religious observances I wittness when I'm travelling.


Perfect stripe photos!

Kathy (trekcapri):

Hi Marta, very cool photo theme selections! I remember reading your blog entry about St Michel's Day in Menton. Great photos and I love those cool striped shirts the men are wearing and even on the skirts of the women.

Great choices! Have a great weekend Marta!

Wonderful stripe-shots from beautiful and charming Menton.

Have walked the same path

Fabulous post for this week Marta. :)


Great stripes and great story. What a cool tradition.


Great entry for the Stripes theme. I love this post because it reminded me of my hometown in the Philippines. Our patron saint is also St. Michael so I recognized the statue (being carried) right away.

What a great PH entry, Marta! Lots of stripes everywhere. I love reading about this serendipitous moments we all come across on our travels.

Happy weekend!

Wonderful photos. Pretty cool how the ladies have striped skirts to match. You were lucky to get to see this procession!

What great photos!


Very nice work... also noted the vertical red and white stripes as well. Lovely place to visit! My stripes are here.

I love this sequence. You have some wonderful shots for the striped theme.

Great photos,Marta.

Very cool photos! How lucky to be there for the St Michel's Day celebration. I also really love seeing the sequence of photos. Great choice for the theme this week. Funny, my first thought was zebras also :)

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