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Vegetable Garden 2009 #1

Vegetable Garden 2009

Amy's May flower post reminded me that I need to post how our vegetable garden is coming along. I like to blog about it so we can keep a record of when we plant our garden and how it well it is growing.

We started our first seeds mid-March. In mid-April, we put out the first set of lettuce and radishes. On Tuesday, we setup our tomato pots. This year we have 6 in the driveway. This is where we used to grow them. It is south and gets lots of heat from the asphalt on the driveway and reflected from the garage doors. For good measure, we also have 5 in the greenhouse.

The peas are coming along fine. They are about a foot tall. The lettuce is just sitting there. It has been too cold. We have two sets of leaves on the radishes. Maybe we'll have a salad by June.

Here are some pictures.

Vegetable Garden 2009
Tomatoes setup in driveway

Vegetable Garden 2009

Greenhouse tomato

Vegetable Garden 2009

Lettuce and peas

Vegetable Garden 2009

Pea tendrils

Vegetable Garden 2009

Vegetable Garden 2009

Lockdown lettuce - Gotta protect that lettuce from the squirrels

Vegetable Garden 2009

Apple blossom

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How have I missed your vegetable gardening posts?

It's striking to me just how different our climates are. I can't even think of growing peas this time of year, only in the fall or very early spring. I wish I could, because I love them! And my lettuce has started to bolt already.

On the other hand, a few of my tomato plants have tiny little tomatoes, and my pepper plants are full of blossoms. I think I'm on track to have my first sungold on June 1 or shortly thereafter!

I remember growing gorgeous tomatoes in the central Valley of CA. We really struggle to get ripe tomatoes. Usually not until late August. But the one thing I don't miss is tomato hornworm. We don't have those critters.

Yeah, peas have to be put in the fall for an early spring harvest. Probably just when we are getting ready for planting. :)

I remember my horror the first time I saw a hornworm. Now I just find them exasperating. I know the signs and can pick them off (with gloves) and dispose of them before they do any real damage.

It sounds like you do well with green beans. I always thought they were heat lovers too.

I'll try to get some decent photos and post about my tomatoes today. I've never had such beautiful tomato plants as this year!


I have been blessed with no hornworms for several years, but I love your garden, and it's size. I have to be content with my one box, but it works.


Wow! You have a big garden! And it looks like it is doing well.

Bill's tomato plants have frozen twice now, but he keeps replanting. Lots of other stuff too.

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