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PhotoHunt: In Memory



This week's photohunt is In Memory. It has been over 10 years for my father and just over 8 years since my mother passed away. They say time will heal sorry but there always seems to be left a hole. Recently my husband's brother-in-law passed away. He was our age so it brought back many memories for me.

It is also Mother's Day - a perfect time to remember my mother. In fact, I'm going to take the time and celebrate family. Here are two photos of my parents and I when I was a young elementary school girl. I love seeing my dad in hats. He wore them daily. And don't you love the shoes my mom were wearing?

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Nice post and I enjoyed seeing the old photos of you and your family. Love the clothes and the car! It is a good weekend to remember family.

Beautiful post, Marta. I love these photos. I did a similar post for my mom. I agree that the pain and sadness of losing a parent never goes away completely. I am so sorry that you have lost so many family members.

Beautiful photos of your mother. I'm sorry that she is no longer with you. I'm so lucky to still have mine with me - and living with me - and hiking with me (and she's 83!). I am thankful every day for all the fun we have together, because I know it's a very special and unique relationship. Check out our roses for Mother's Day:


Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, very touching post and a wonderful tribute to both your mom and dad. I love the photos of them and you.

Have a wonderful weekend too!

Great shots for 'memory'. How lucky you are to have some of those old pics. I have no idea where any of mine are.

I've been up at the Gold Coast at my conference so am catching up. :)

Beautiful post for this week. :)

Wonderful post in memory of your parents. I love looking at old photos; thanks for sharing them with us.

So glad that you had 'family time' it has a way of nourishing and comforting a soul ... menehune


Beautiful post, Marta. FYI, my sister and I had bangs like yours - I really need to learn how to scan pictures.

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