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Vegetable Garden 2009 #2

The weather has started to warm up. Finally! Lows are still into the mid-low 40's but we have had a couple of nights of low more around 50 degrees. High temperatures - a couple of days into the 60's but mostly in the 50's.

The vegetable garden is coming along. We have started and planted our green beans; both Maxibel bush and Blue Lake poles. The radishes, lettuce and peas are coming along. The peas have started to climb more. We have just put in carrots and potted up the squash and cucumbers.

Today we took the plastic cloches off the tomatoes in the front. They have gotten pretty big and it has been staying a bit too humid under the plastic. We are worried they might get blight so we're going to risk the cool nights slowing them down instead.

Oh yeah, mesculin mix is up.

Vegetable Garden 2009
Peas & lettuce
Vegetable Garden 2009
Vegetable Garden 2009
Bean teepee
Vegetable Garden 2009
Romano Beans
Vegetable Garden 2009
Momataro in Greenhouse
Vegetable Garden 2009
Vegetable Garden 2009
Outside tomatoes
Vegetable Garden 2009
Bud on Stupice
Our resident duck
Our resident duck
Our resident duck

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Marta, what varieties of tomato do you plant?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, wow you're still in the 50's and 60's. I love how you grow your own vegetables. It looks like you have a good collection in the works and I can't wait to see your garden progress. Great photos.

Is that a real duck? How cool if it is.

Thanks so much for sharing Marta.


No resident duck for us, but I also have a Momataro this year - for no other reason than I liked the name.

Yes, it is a real duck. She drops by every so often and I put out corn. She is really pretty tame. I can almost walk up to her.

We are growing tomatoes that do well in the PNW. Momataro, Stupice (early ripening), Siletz (determinate and early ripening), Sungold (cherry tomato), Taxi (yellow) and two new ones - Oregon Star and Frazier Gem.

She's pretty cute! Looks like a wonderful garden! Yum, garden grown tomatoes.

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