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Animals of Bako

Proboscis monkey
Proboscis Monkey at Bako National Park

This is the fifteenth in a series of more in-depth posts on our trip to Borneo.
February 24

The main attraction at Bako is the wildlife. Number one is the Proboscis Monkey. These monkeys are native of Borneo Island and highly endangered. Bako is one of the best and easiest places to see them in the wild. We were lucky and the rangers told us about a troop of Proboscis monkeys that were hanging out in the beach side trees just a 1/4 mile from the park headquarters. They were feasting on the leaves of the mangrove trees. We spent a good hour hanging out watching them. They make the most interesting noise - "Oh-oh" very nasal and similar to way Raymond in the movie "Rainman" would say it. We also saw several silver leafed monkeys but I was not able to get a good picture.

The other primate that you will definitely see at Bako is the long tailed Macaques or 'naughty monkeys' as the ranger at the headquarter called them. These monkeys roam in big troops around the bunkhouses, just waiting for an opportunity to climb in a window or attack at tourist. They know the canteen packages food to go in white plastic bags so they will attack anybody carrying them around.

They also love cookies. We had sat down with our boatmates for a beer in the afternoon at the canteen. They had purchased a package of cookies and offered us some. We were taking and not watching what was going on and Bam! a macaque jumped into the middle of the table grabbed the cookies and ran off. He dumped them on the grass and gobbled them down before we could even get to them. Needless to say, he also spilled a couple of beers.

The other animal that is easy to see is the bearded pig. It hangs out around the canteen and bunkhouses. One female had a cute little group of four babies. They were so cute scampering along the beach behind her.

And everyone had to check out the green tree pit viper snakes. They hung out in the brushes on the boardwalks between the canteen and our rooms. It was definitely a good reason not to stray off the boardwalks.

Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey
Young Male Proboscis monkey

Young Proboscis Monkeys arguing

Young Proboscis Monkeys arguing

Proboscis monkey

Bearded pig

Bearded Pig

Bearded pig

Mother Bearded pig with babies

Long Tailed Macaque

Long Tail Macaque with baby

Long Tailed Macaque
Who me? Not me? I'm innocent!

Green tree pit viper
Green Viper

Sunset at Telok Assam

Sunset at Telok Assam

If you are interested in more information here are some links from Borneo Travel with information on the wildlife.

Common Animals of Bako
Proboscis Monkey
Macaque Attack

Also if you want to see more pictures - check out this great flash slide show of from another Bako National Park

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Those monkeys are a riot! The bearded pig looks kind of scary. As always, your photos are amazing!

I never cease to be amazed by all of your wonderful photos. And you've seen so many things, animals, flora, etc. than most of us have never seen.

The proboscis monkeys are pretty wild looking! Funny that they sounded like Raymond in the movie Rainman. The long tail macaque monkeys are cute but sound very naughty! I am not sure how comfortable I would be being so close to them knowing how naughty they can be. Is the viper snake poisonous? Gorgeous sunset!!

Wonderful photos about places and animals I know little about - mahalo! menehune

Terry (teaberry):

Marta, those shots are amazing. I think I could watch those monkeys for hours, too.

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