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PhotoHunt: Plastic


Pot roundup

This week's PhotoHunt is plastic. This was very hard for me. I finally found the photo above of the garden nursery pots that we gathered up to take to recycle. G had a nursery for 10 years and we had collected a variety of sizes. We finally decided to clean up and took them to our local plastic recycler.

Have a great weekend.

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Wow - that's some plastic, Marta! Good shot! :)

That's a lot of recycling to do. Somehow those things aren't as pretty when green things aren't growing out of them.


We have certainly given in to the convenience of plastic and now with the economy so bad, if we make a push to get rid of plastic and other polluting things, we will end up costing many people their jobs and making the economy worse... no matter what some say.

Wouldn't another nursery like these? I have always wondered what the recycling places do with the plastic... I understand that they now make some carpets from either plastic or rubber.... it would be simpler to take them back to the nursery for reuse.

Thanks for stopping by.

Marta's reply: Some nurseries will take them but many want a specific size and shape so they fit into racks and trays. The nursery may also get their plant material already potted up versus using paying the labor to pot. That is why this type of plastic is hard to recycle or give away.

Wow - that’s a lot of nursery pots. Kudos to you for going through the tough job of cleaning all of them in order to recycle the pots.

Wow, that sure is a huge collection of pots! This was a tough theme this week. Great choice!

Great shot. Isn't amazing how many photos are right under our nose?

My post:


Wow, that IS allot of plastic pots...I never thought to myself, where do the old pots go...but I only buy between 6-10seedlings myself...so thats tiny little plastic. Great photo for the hunt word! My hunt is up please come and visit

Super idea for the subject this week - glad we can recycle! menehune

nice shot.....i like how it undulates. kudos on recycling.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great photo and selection for this week's theme. I like the angle of your shot and as usual always so clear and crisp. Kudos to you on recycling.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

great idea of a plastic.. a very useful one..

nice pick..


Lots of pots! Does it bring back memories of all the lovely plants that they came with?

Marta's Reply: Hahahah... unfortunately about 1/2 of them came from friend who had finished re-landscaping her yard. We never were able to use them up. It would have been cool if they did bring back good memories. I'm just glad they are gone. :)

it's cool that you recycle those. We have a lot of plastic on our earth that several lifetimes won't be enough to get rid of them.

Cool photo. I've started saving mine for a lady at my Farmer's Market who put up a sign saying that she would take any and all plastic pots. I was glad to find a place to take them.

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