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Little Si

View of Mt Si from top of Little Si

The weather has been gorgeous. We have had one of the best month of May in a long time. June is starting out well also. Yesterday it got to almost 80 degrees. Today in the mid-70's.

Our friend wanted to go for a hike. I have really gotten out of shape this winter. Yeah... too much time on the computer! I'm starting to walk and go back to an exercise. My knees and lower back are not in great shape. I'm hoping as I start to move it will get better. But I was a little worried about doing a hike today. So I choose Little Si.

Little Si is a small mountain right next to Mt. Si. Mt Si towers over the small town of North Bend in the Cascade foothills just about 40 minutes from downtown Seattle. Do you remember the series "Twin Peaks"? It was filmed in the town. Today it has become a suburb of Seattle with many developments. But you can still find wilderness next door.

The trail is 2.2 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1,200 and high point of 1,576. The Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust has been working on the trail and it is in great shape.

The hike was lovely. The alder and big leaf maple trees have recently leafed out and were fresh and light green. The sword ferns had just finished unfurling. The day was warm. On the way up we saw a couple of rock climbers on the rock wall below the summit. I took my time and it wasn't too hard. It took almost 2 hours which is really really slow. There were a few other hikers at the top. It was brilliant at the top. You could see across to Rattlesnake Ledge and up to Mailbox Peak. Of course, the bigger Mt. Si towered over us.

The way down was fast. We stopped and had a late lunch. An enjoyable day in the forest and sun .

Come take a Photo Hike with me:

Little Si Trail
Trailhead sign

Little Si Trail

Little Si Trail

Little Si Trail

Lovely chartreuse treetops

Little Si Trail

Sword Ferns

Little Si Trail

Little Si Trail

Little Si Trail
Oyster Mushrooms

Little Si Trail

Little Si Trail


Little Si Trail

At the summit

View of North Bend from Little Si
North Bend with Rattlesnake Ledge and Mountain in the distance

View of Mt Si from top of Little Si

Haystack summit of Mt Si from top of Little Si

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Comments (5)

Kathy (trekcapri):

Hi Marta, wonderful post! I love all of your hiking photos and you can just see how beautiful your weather is.

You have such beautiful trails where you live. We have some cool trails here too especially near the Santa Monica/Malibu mountains but mostly we have to drive a few miles for higher elevations.

You're very lucky to live so close to some of these beautiful hiking trails.

BTW, I do remember Twin Peaks and that's cool that you pointed that filming location out in your photos

Thanks for sharing Marta. Have a great day!

Thanks Kathy. I've read about the hiking in Santa Monica and we hope to do some hiking in those mountains some day. We look for places to go in March and I'll keep these in mind for next year.

Oh my - this is breathtaking. Wish I lived close to this type of scenery! Thanks for sharing, Marta. menehune


What beautiful photos, Marta.

Thank you for sharing them.

Gorgeous photos! I wish I did some hiking while I lived in Washington. It looks beautiful!

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your back and knees. I hope both improve so that you can enjoy the summer hiking.

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