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Vegetable Garden 2009 #3

Our first of the season harvest
First harvest - lettuce

Wow! What a different three warm weeks will make. We have been having gorgeous weather here in Seattle. It has been up in the 80's this week. You can almost see the garden growing.

I did my first harvest today. The lettuce is ready and I picked an assortment of leaves. We are growing 4 different varieties; Nevada: a slow to bolt green leaf lettuce, Merlot: a deep purple red leaf lettuce; Red Sails: a typical red green leaf lettuce; Mascara: a red oak leaf lettuce. I also have a spicy Mesculin mix. I picked an assortment of the leaves. Aren't they pretty.

Everything else has leafed out well. The pole beans are starting to twine up the rebars. The bush peas are starting to bloom and pod. The tall snap peas are a little sparse but well see, they may fill out. They are starting to bloom although they are only about 5 ft tall. Seems a little early to me.

Tomatoes are doing well. They are flowering but still no fruit. The nights have been warm enough - low 50's so hopefully we will have some fruit setting soon.

Garden - first week in June
Bush Haricot Vert
Bush Beans
Lettuce - ready for harvest
Ready to Harvest
Flowers of dwarf grey sugar pod peas
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pod Peas
Sugar Sprint Peas
Sugar Sprint Peas
Greenhouse Tomato
Greenhouse Tomato
Tomato blossoms
Tomato Blossom
Outside Tomatoes
Mesculin Mix
Mesculin Mix
Vegetable Garden 2009
Peas - Lettuce - May 18
Peas and Lettuce
June 5
Vegetable Garden 2009
Pole Beans - May 18
Pole Beans
June 5
Vegetable Garden 2009
Squash May 18
June 5

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Comments (3)

Beautiful lettuce, and I love the blossoms on your dwarf grey sugar pod peas! Are they bush plants rather than climbers?

I've been taking photos of my garden regularly with good intentions to put them on my blog. Maybe this will inspire me to get busy and do that.

We picked our first five sun gold tomatoes this morning!

They are not like bush beans. They have tendrils and do want to climb. We put a small trellis of hardware cloth for them so they don't bunch on each other.

This is the first time that we've grown them. They are a heirloom variety. I did not notice the flowers on the packet when we bought them but they sure are nice. Not a lot of fragrance.

Barb Cabot:

What a beautiful garden and the photos are wonderful. It must be such a pleasure to eat fresh veges everyday from your own garden. I love the colors of the lettuce against the beautiful bowl.

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