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PhotoHunt: Advertisement


Tambang or water taxi on Sarawak River
Tambang or water taxi on Sarawak River

This week's photohunt theme is Advertisement. I decided to go through a few of my travel photos looking for any interesting photos of advertisements. We were intrigued with these water taxis in Kuching. We didn't get a chance to take one across the river. It would have been fun. They had various different ads on their roofs. This is an advertisement for pre-paid cell phone card that also could be used to purchase music, ring tones and games for your cell. I think it was popular with youth. They sold these cards in vending machines in some restaurants and other small stores.

I also loved this billboard for another cell phone company - Celcom. I think it was saying it was number 1 in Sarawak. The woman is holding an image of the cat statue in Kuching.

Billboard in Kuching

Kuching Cat statue

Last, I'm going to include an advertisement for a traiteur (caterer or take out) and charcuterie, (deli specializing in sausage and meats) located in the town of Moustiers Sainte Marin in Southern France. I just love the little pink pigs. I suspect they don't know where they are headed!

Advertisment in Moustiers - Sainte Marie France

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Great photos for this week. ;) Have a good weekend. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great choices for this week's theme. I think the water taxi would be fun to try too. The three pigs in your last photo is so cute! :)

Have a great weekend!

oh, i love the cat statue pic:) and the pink pigs pic look so cute.


So cool! Languages are fascinating to me but I haven't mastered any except for my native tongue; English (boring)!
Have a great weekend!

Whoah! That's taking advertising to an extreme.


No, I doubt the three little pigs have any idea of what awaits them... the big bad wolf for sure. Great pictures. Somehow I would never think of a cell phone in the same thought with that boat! My hunt is up here.

Great selection of photos with advertisement, Marta.
I love the last photo!

Aloha marta,
Great photos for this week's PH theme! I missed you this morning so I thought I come back and visit more photohunters.
Feel free to visit mines!
Cindy O

Awesome photos for this week's theme. :)

Mariposa's PhotoHunt

Great selection for the theme! It’s interesting to see how much advertisement there is for anything related to cell phones. Cute little piggies!

These are all great and very unique. The first one is kinda funny with the contrast between the rustic looking boat and the product it's advertising. Love the cats!

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