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Vegetable Garden 2009 #4

Our first tomato

Yes, we have tomatoes! Three of the tomatoes on the driveway and one in the greenhouse have fruit. The first one to fruit is a new variety for us, Oregon Star. The plant looks a little funky. The leaves are skinny and the plant is a little limp but we think that is the way it is supposed to look. The Oregon Star in greenhouse also has tomatoes. Siletz and Stupice, both early varieties, also have fruit.

And the weather continues to be great. It has been over 25 days without rain. If it doesn't rain before Wednesday, it will be a record! Temperatures have also been around 70 degrees in the day and 50 at night. If this continues, we will have tomatoes before the end of July. Fingers are crossed.

And I'm turning into a rabbit. The lettuce is going gang-busters and we have a salad every day. Can you tell I'm getting a little tired of green salads? Any other ideas of what to do with lettuce?

We also had snap peas last week. The Sugar Sprints produced enough for a vegetable for dinner. They were yummy. And the rest of the veggies are doing great.


Lots of Lettuce
Lots of lettuce

Bush Beans
Bush Green Beans

Lookin' good

Sungold May 17th
Sungold May 17th
Sungold 06/14
Sungold June 14th

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Wow, I envy you that lettuce! It's gorgeous. Do you have problems with snails and slugs? Even when the weather cooperates, I have a hard time with lettuce because of them.

Great pics. My lettuce has bolted but I did get my first tomatoes this week (sungolds and romas, and the bigger ones are on the verge of turning red).

I made Cindy Ruth's grilled romaine salad this week and loved it. That's an idea for something different to do with your lettuce.

So far no problems with slugs. It is too dry right now. Fortunately, we don't have snails - yet. They are in some areas of Seattle. We will have to watch it as soon as it starts to rain again. Also we have used the product Sluggo in other areas which works great. George has seen a few in his greenhouse which is near by so they are around.

Annie - thanks for the reminder of grilled romaine salad. I don't know if the leaf lettuce would work but I have been looking at the shrimp salad which might be a nice change.


Marta, I often do a fast stir-fry of lettuces, particularly as they're starting to turn bitter before bolting in the heat. They make great fillings for frittatas, with lots of mint.

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