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Lake 22

Twenty Two Creek
Twenty Two Creek

Last Monday, the weather had cooled off but it was still warm. No rain was forecast so we decided to take advantage of the weather to go hiking. We decided to go to Lake 22 which is north of Seattle along the Mountain Loop Highway.

Mt. Pilchuck is the dominating peak in the area. For many years, it was an easy to get to ski area with two chairs and a couple of rope tows. It eventually lost its permit and the area closed.

There are several lakes located in small cirques below the rocky slopes including Lake 22. It is an easy 1 hour drive from Seattle. The trail to the lake is 5.4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1350ft.The proximity to Seattle and the easy trail makes it very popular even during the week.

Lysichiton americanus
The Forest Service has recently build a new set of bathrooms at the trail head in addition doing work and laying gravel in the parking area. The trail starts starts climbing slowly above the Mt. Loop Highway to the crossing with Twenty Two Creek. It starts to climb more switching back to waterfall views of the creek. It was running fast - an indicator that we were going to run into snow. There were wonderful small woodland plants like Cornus canadensis lining the trail.

After climbing for a while, the trail opens and crosses a large talus slope bring lots of interesting plants in the open area. The trail makes a couple of large switch backs up the slope before reentering the forest near the creek. This become more boggy. It was filled with Skunk Cabbage - Lysichiton americanus. Can you guess that it is related to the stinky Arum in my garden? Yes! It is one of the few arums that are native to the US. There is also a species that grows in bogs in the east. The weather was cool so we did not notice any odor.

We were just about 1/4 mile from the lake when we ran into snow. The moist air had cooled considerably and we arrived at a foggy snowy lake. On clear days, the rocky slopes of Mt Pilchuck tower in the background. Maybe another day.

Along Lake 22 Trail
Well maintained trail to start

Along Lake 22 Trail
The steps eases the elevation gain along the switchbacks

Cornus canadensis
Cornus canadensis lines the forest trail

Diamond-like dew drops
Diamond-like dew drops

Linnaea borealis
Linnaea borealis - Twinflower

Asarum caudatum
Asarum caudatum - wild ginger

Misty hillside
Misty hillside

Aruncus dioicus
Aruncus dioicus - goatsbeard

Maidenhair fern
Delicate Maidenhair Fern

Lysichiton americanus
Lysichiton americanus - Western Skunk Cabbage

Trillium ovatum
Trillium ovatum

Foggy Lake 22
Foggy Lake 22

Foggy Lake 22
Foggy Lake 22

Comments (3)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, you have the best hiking trails where you live. Your photographs are just os perfect. I really need to take another photography class before I head to Scotland.

I really like the snowy misty photos at the end. Amazing how the weather changed as you hiked up the trail.

Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos and for your descriptions.

What a wonderful hike with gorgeous photography! Love the foggy lake images.

The fern picture brought back memories of all the different types of ferns that grow wild in Puerto Rico. I've seen ferns for sale in nurseries in Phoenix and always wondered why they bring them here. Silly, isn't?

WOW - those shots are amazing! It sure makes my walks through the forest here look a tad 'tame'. *smile*

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