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PhotoHunt: Pink


Salvia and  hummingbird
Salvia involucrata 'El Cielo' with a hummingbird

This week's Photohunt theme is pink. We grow Salvias, one of the largest plant genus in the world. Salvia genus includes the culinary herb, sage. But there are many different varieties from desert to tropical. It also occurs in many different colors from white to dark purple. Here are some of the variety of pink Salvia flowers.

Salvia involucrata 'El-Cielo'
Salvia involucrata "El Cielo"

Salvia 'Trinidad Pink'
Salvia 'Trinidad Pink'

Salvia greggii "SavanahBurgundy"
Salvia greggii "Savanah Burgundy"

Salvia "Wild Watermelon"
Salvia "Wild Watermelon"

Salvia spathacea
Salvia spathacea

Salvia spathacea found near Santa Barbara
Salvia spathacea found in the wild in the mountains near Santa Barbara, CA

Comments (13)

What beautiful bright pink flowers. The hummingbirds must really come in droves!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, beautiful collection for this week's theme. And wow that first photo with the hummingbird is fantastic!

Have a great 4th!

I love all the pink flowers you shared here. They are so lovely.

Mine is now also up hope you can drop by.

Happy week-end!

Great photos! I love the hummingbird.

That is such a beautiful selection of salvias. I adore teh hummingbird! Happy weekend


The blooms are quite different among the varieties.. I had never noticed that before. I love the hummingbird. We are having construction and I took down and moved the birdfeeder but left the nectar feeder on the patio grill. The hummingbird came and looked at it then flew to the den window and looked in as if to chastise me... I felt suitably guilty...

My pinks are up here.

Wonderful photos and I too love the hummingbird. Most salvia I've seen has been purple; I love the pink.

About the pink rose I posted - it was by the pond close to my brother's house and I don't have a clue about the kind of rose it is. Looks like an old-timey one though.

Happy 4th of July!

Wonderful shots of your beautiful salvia and great catch of the mockingbird.

Marta, great shots. Like Annie, I thought they were always purple, love them in pink.



Oh my stars! I love looking at your photos. :)

I love the first picture, it's unbelievable that these birds are so tiny !


Love all your pink salvia. In my garden I have a bunch of different salvia plants but they are either red or purple. Thanks for expanding my world.

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