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Vegetable Garden 2009 #6

Vegetable Garden

The tomatoes are fattening up and some are getting lighter but we still do not have our first ripe tomato. We went out of town last week and they got a little stressed while we were gone. It has been warm - in the 80's with lows in the 50's. It is still early for NW but with this great warm weather, you would think, no?

We are starting phase two in the garden. The lettuce started to bolt so we pulled it out. Most of the peas are done although the pole sugar snap peas are still producing. The second batch got really tall - almost 8 ft. I'll give them another week and then we'll take them down also. I harvested the sugar grey that had gone to pod and froze them. It may have been too late for sweet peas but I'll see. I could maybe use them in soup.

We just seeded a fall crop of Sugar Sprint Peas. We should be able to get a crop done before the frost. Last year as an experiment, we put planted a few in late September and about 6 weeks later they were just putting on pods. We get our first frost mid-October or later so hopefully, we'll get peas by mid-September. We are also seeding some lettuce. The Nevada did the best so we'll start some indoors and put it out in a week or so.

The green beans are coming on. I've gotten 4 meals already from the Maxibels and lots more. I may try freezing a batch also. The Helga Romano beans are on so we'll switch over to those soon. The Blue Lake poles are just starting to bloom so they will be a bit more.

I can't keep up with the squash. I removed the big ones. Our cukes are doing great so we'll have lots of cool sliced cukes and I may make a soup. Our carrots are doing well - we'll leave those for late fall.

Now, if the tomatoes would only ripen. I have mozzarella waiting.

Vegetable Garden
Toms in Greenhouse
Vegetable Garden
Toms in driveway
Vegetable Garden
8ft Peas!
Vegetable Garden
Preparing for next crop
Vegetable Garden
Preparing for next crops
Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden
Maxibel Haricot Vert
Maxibel Haricot Vert beans
Today's harvest

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Comments (6)

Oh my! Those are some big, luscious looking veges...wish I could grow them like that! menehune

Beautiful photos. I read somewhere that if you cut the sugar snap pea plants back to about one foot, sometimes they will survive the summer heat and come back in the fall. So I'm giving it a try and we'll see.

Hope you get some ripe tomatoes soon.


My tomatoes have been confused by all the rain and cool we've had in June and July. The flowers set much later than usual, so I'm hoping for a long, warm Indian Summer to ripen my tomatoes.


We have no ripe tomatoes yet either. You would think in hot SoCal we would, but Bill lost his first crop to a late frost.

Something to look forward to, I guess.

bruce bordes:

Please, where are you buying your Helga pole beans?
Have looked on the internet but not found any for sale.

Hi Bruce - we got the beans from Territorial Seed Company in Oregon. Actually, they are named Helda.

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