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Home Canned Tomatoes

Canning tomatoes

The hot weather has given us a bumbercrop of tomatoes. I decided it was time to can some tomatoes. I had a dozen pint jars and we had way enough tomatoes to fill them.G said he wanted to help and I gladly took him up on his offer.

This is my second time canning tomatoes. I used the instructions on PickYourOwn. I like PickYourOwn site because it has a lot of pictures and helpful tips. I also had a copy of Preserving Tomatoes from Clemson Extension which I used last time. I use a water bath which is pretty easy to do.

I've also been following Canning Across America and the Canvolution. There are a lot of events coming up the last weekend in August. Our tomatoes were ripe so I couldn't wait to join in Canvolution weekend. The forecast is for hot weather this week so we'll probably have another harvest ready in two weeks and I can do another batch.

It did not take too long. I prepared the jar and lids and then we set up an assembly line to peel and pack the tomatoes. The second batch took half the time. They are cooling tonight on the counter and we'll put them away after we check the seals tomorrow. This winter we'll have a nice reminder of the warm summer.

Canning tomatoes
The Equipment

Canning tomatoes
The Harvest

Canning tomatoes
Ready for a water bath

Canning tomatoes
Canned Jewels

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My mom used to can jam in the summer. How lucky to have all these wonderful jars ready to use throughout the winter.

Great job, Marta and G! The canned tomatoes do look like beautiful jewels.

Come winter you'll have some beautiful and tasty tomatoes to brighten and warm your days.

Barb Cabot:

Marta, Mike would love this post. He has fond memories of his mom and her sisters along with his grandma from Italy canning tomatoes to last them all winter. Your photos are great as always.

Marta's Reply - Thanks Barb. That is so cool that Mike's family canned. My mother didn't but we had friends and relatives who did.

Lovely! Do you add anything to the tomatoes, salt or herbs or anything?

I've never tried this. I've slow-roasted, then frozen a lot of them this summer, but I never seemed to have enough at one time for canning. Maybe because I don't grow any determinates.

Marta's Reply: I forgot about slow-roasting and freezing. I might make a batch like that also since the flavor is more concentrated.

They look so pretty! How amazing you will have all these jars to last you through the winter.

I'm salivating! Those photos look delicious:-) menehune

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, I have to agree with the others and say that your photos are wonderful as usual. You sure did have a large harvest and I noticed that there are two colors too. How wonderful that there was something really good that came out of your unusual heatwave this summer.

Cool post Marta!

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Excellent! I think b/c of the wet May and June we had, our tomatoes are either late or non-existent. I'm bumming that I haven't seen one yet. Though, if they appear in September, that could work well b/c I'll have more time to can then.

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