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Photohunt: Orange


Antelope Valley California

This week's Photohunt is orange. I could not resist using flowers for this week's theme.

Our passion is wildflowers. We love the plants and flowers of the areas of the world that are in the Mediterranean biome. The Mediterranean biome is 5 areas of the world around 30 degrees North and South in latitude. These areas are the area bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the west coast of California, the west coast of Chile, the west coast of Southern Africa and the west coast of Australia. The climate in these area follow similar patterns - mild winters, hot dry summers. In some years - late in the winter and early spring, there will be rain brought on from the storms along the equator. This rainfall will awaken the dry hillsides and produce a stunning bloom in the spring.

We have visited each of these areas. It is surprising how similar they are during the early spring. Dry desert chaparral/woodland that erupt into carpets of wildflowers. I'm also surprised at the amount of orange wildflowers blooms in these areas. For comparison, here are the spring blooms of California and South Africa.

Antelope Valley California:

Antelope Valley California

Antelope Valley California

Antelope Valley California

Southern Africa - Namaqua National Park near Springbok

Namaqua National Park

Namaqua National Park

Namaqua National Park
Namaqua National Park - South Africa

Namaqua National Park

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Great comparison! Was just in WA last week, and even though it is a bit early for the flower season, what we saw was amazing. It has been a very wet year and are looking forward to our Oct. trip to the Flinders Ranges. Happy travels.


Oh..just beautiful flowers. I have some sunflower pictures too of Thailand. Feel free to visit. Have a good weekend.


that was an amazing post. my photo hunt is here Thanks

heck! those are beautiful!! *gets jealous*

the flowers are gooooorgeous. they look absolutely perfect. it's like every petal is symmetrical and perfectly crafted. great shots! :)

have a great weekend! ^^

Absolutely STUNNING. Your photos are just incredible. Thanks for taking us along with you on your journey!

And thanks for visiting my "orange" stuff at New York Traveler.net. :)

Have a great weekend!


Oh wow - great pictures. If I had to choose a favorite, it'd be the first of Antelope Valley. It's simply stunning! :)

WOW! WOW! WOW! I just love the sea or field of Orange. Gorgeous!

Wow, thanks for taking us all around all these lovely places and views.

Have a great weekend.

These are such amazing photos and it's so interesting to see the comparison between places I wouldn't have connected in this way. Orange is such a vivid and happy color.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Absolutely gorgeous, Marta!

Very interesting to read about the Mediterranean biome and how cool that you have visited the five areas. The orange carpet of wildflowers is stunning and so beautiful.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Wow! Wow, those are wild flowers? I've never seen an uncultivated field of anything like that.

I love wildflowers too and I've heard a lot about antelope valley. Someday I want to see that sight with my own eyes. Happy hunting.

Stunning photos!

I'm going back to Italy in less than three weeks. First stop is Venice for 9 nights.

great series of pics. those wildflowers are gorgeous.

happy weekend.

What an interesting life you lead.

Next time come to New Zealand, since you have been to my country of my birth, sarawak. Now come to my adopted country.


Beautiful! I have always loved poppies, but never had much success with them. I love wildflowers too and try to keep my garden as organic and low maintenance as possible in order to attract butterflies and birds. Fun hobby.

Wow! These are gorgeous photos! It must have been so cool to see these fields in person. It is amazing how similar they look. Great choice for this week's theme!

Marta - you have outdone yourself - those pictures are gorgeous! One of these days I shall have to make sure I'm in CA when the wild poppies are out.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, your photos are always so beautiful! I'm glad you chose your collection of wild flowers for this week's theme. I also found the information on the Mediterranean biome very interesting especially the part where you you have been to all 5. Lucky you. I loved all of your photos. I liked the one capturing you and your husband in the South Africa (I bet you used your camera's timer).

Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection of orange wild flowers! Hope you are having a wonderful long holiday weekend.

Barb Cabot:

Marta I love California poppies. Your photos are really fantastic. They remind me of my childhood, they grew wild in my backyard and I alwsys loved them because they seemed wild and strong yet fragile. At least that's what I thought when I was very little. Love them still.

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