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Photohunt: Electric


Manual Mixer
Yesterday - Manual Egg Beater / Mixer

Electric Mixer
Today - Electric Mixer

This week's Photohunt is Electric.

Hmmm... lots of possibilities. Electric appliance came to mind for me. Everyday - we use many electric appliances. I am old enough to remember the days when our kitchens were not fully electric. Remember making coffee on the stove with a coffee percolator. It was a big move when we got our first drip coffee maker. Now I have come full circle and occasionally use a stove espresso maker.

What about can openers? I still use the manual one - not the electric can opener although my mother loved it when they came out with it.

One kitchen keepsake that I have is an rotary egg beater pictured above. I learned to cook using this beater. I used it mainly for beating eggs and cream. The one killer item I made with it was Angel Food Cake. Yes - you can beat a dozen egg whites with manual rotary. I think they come out even higher than the electric one.

I don't have a stand up electric mixer (aka Kitchen Aid). This is my second electric hand beater. My first one finally died after 25 years of faithful service.

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Perfect! I thought of doing something like this too but was feeling rather lazy. Great shots.

Your eggbeater is beautiful! I can see why you treasure it. (Now I want one!)

I've never liked electric can openers either. They seem so unnecessary.

I don't have a stand up mixer either. I keep saying when this one dies... they live forever!

I like today's way better!

I played too :)

Fun take! I remember the coffee percolator my mom used to use. Boy that made great smelling coffee!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, these are beautiful photos. I found this week wide open too. I love the comparison between the manual and the electric egg beater. btw, I use a manual can opener too and I use a fork to beat my eggs. So much easier to wash. :)

Great choice for this week's theme!

Now, I want one of those manual egg beaters. I think I had one years ago.. wonder where it went. I had an electric can opener that conked out on me, so I use a manual one now.
Great take on the theme!

I'm so glad I no longer have to use the rotary beater. I used to make such a mess with it.

I have a rotary beater almost exactly like that one. It was my grandmother's and it still works great. I use a manual can opener too.

Beautiful photos! Love this trip down memory lane.

Can you believe that for 25 years I mixed things by hand with a fork or whisk? :|

Nice shots!

My Photo Hunters is up. I hope you have time to visit mine! New York Traveler.net

Happy weekend!

What beautiful photos. Our manual egg beater died last year and everyone keeps telling me to get an electric mixer but I can't seem to pick one. I want a Kitchen Aid but I don't think we have the space for it.

My Photo Hunt entry is here.

I like your rotary beater so much. What a great idea for the theme.

I didn't even think about doing a old/new comparison. I inherited a number of pre-electricity kitchen tools that I could have used if I'd been clever enough to think of that idea.


simple subject, beautifully composed.

A great idea for today, one that didn't enter my head. I used to have a great manual mixer that belonged to my mother, but it seems to have been lost in one of our moves. It was fantastically smooth and I loved using it.

I love the symmetry of the two mixers---a very calming set of photos.

I use a manual can opener also. Think the electric ones are a waste of counter space.


I also still have a manual can opener. (Though I must confess I hardly cook and have not used it in ages!)

We have come a long way, haven't we? I prefer electric, guess I'm lazy. LOL! Though I stay away from the "kitchen aids" When I was 13, my older sister and I were baking a cake for our mom. While I was mixing the batter, my very long hair got caught in the beaters. My hair was fine but I really mangled my sister's beaters. Needless to say we had to start over.

Thanks for visiting me!


The manual eggbeaters are very popular in my classroom. we give the kids bins of water, soap flakes, and eggbeaters. Great for strengthening hands for future writing, and hey, it's fun to make a pile of bubbles to throw at a friend!

Marta's reply - I can just picture the beaters whipping up suds. I wanna play also. :)

Love the hand mixer-it was a great design then and now. The lighting in your photos is super. I use a manual can opener too! Love your take on this theme.

Nice photos. I wonder how long your 2nd electric beater will last? We actually have very few electric things in our kitchen, because of moving from country to country. I have a wonderful Kitchen Aid back in storage--but I never really miss it. Over the years I have learned to manage with a simple hand mixer, and a great hand whisk that I picked up in Germany.

Very nice pics. The trouble with electrical appliances is finding SPACE for them.

Marta's reply: How true! That is part of the reason why I don't have a large Kitchen Aid. I don't want to give up the counter space.

Beautiful shots! Very creative choice for this week's theme!

I wish I had a manual egg beater. I also have a similar electric beater - sadly no room for a nice fancy Kitchen Aid in my kitchen. I also was never a fan of electric can openers.

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