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Photohunt: Free Week


After a Fall Rain
The garden reflected in raindrops on Salvia mexicana

This week's photohunt is a free week - we get to share the photo of our choice.

I woke up to a hard rain on the roof. The forecast was for a storm of tropical moisture. It was warm but wet. It was just the type where you wanted to pull the covers over your head and sleep - which I did.

The rest of the day was very low keyed. I shuffled around and read a bit. I watched a large flock of robins land on the lawn overjoyed by the rain and a new source of food. Tug - tug - they got another worm. The raccoons enjoyed the new stream behind out house that the country had just completed their once-every-10-year cut back.

The gray lightened and I noticed that the rain had stopped. The leaves out the window were covered with sparkling rain drops. I grabbed my camera and here are a few of the shots from a rainy fall day.

After a Fall Rain

After a Fall Rain

After a Fall Rain

After a Fall Rain

After a Fall Rain

Comments (14)

Wow, love all the colors you captured. Beautiful collection of images!

Have a great weekend.

Wonderful choices, Marta.I love the hanging rain drops.

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.
MIne's up, too.


Seriously gorgeous. Mine's up, too.


Barb Cabot:

I love the way you see things through the camera lens...the photos are beautiful but the gift of seeing and capturing just the perfect, most delicate image is your keen sight. Good job Marta!

Wish I could take pictures as well as you... these are awesome.

So beautiful. Are those japenese maples. The color is incredible!

Marta's Reply - Thanks Susanne. Yes, those are both Japanese Maples. The first one is a linearilobum type. The second bright red one is aconitifolium type - also call full moon maple or fern leaf maple.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, raindrops on flowers are perfect for your free choice this week. Your close-ups are so crisp and you frame your images so beautifully. It's so amazing how you can actually see through the raindrops in your first photo...

Thanks Marta. Have a great Sunday!

Love, love, LOVE the Japanese maple leaves! We are taking a "field trip" Halloween weekend to see some fall color!

Gorgeous photos! I love the raindrops on the first photo.


What beautiful rainy day photos! I love them!

Such fantastically creative shots. Love rain and photography. I think the rain sets the reflective mood to create an evocative shot - as yours are here. Mahalo, menehune

Some of my favorite photo shots are ones taken after a rain.
Love the brugmansia!!! one I never tire taking pictures of.
Take care,

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