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Healthy Bread

Health Bread

I've been subscribing to the blog of the authors of "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day". I've been making their recipe for a simple crusty bread for a while.

They have a new book out - "Heathy Bread in 5 minutes" and they recently wrote about their Whole Grain Master Recipe. I have been trying to increase the amount of whole grains in our diet and this would be a perfect addition. The secret ingredient is Vital Wheat Gluten.

I was grocery shopping this weekend and my grocer had a great sale on organic Whole Wheat flour from Bob's Red Mill - $2.50 for 5 lbs. They also had the wheat gluten but it was not as inexpensive - $7/bag. Fortunately - it should go a long way since it only uses a couple of tablespoons.

I made the bread this weekend and it is super easy to make. You mix the dry ingredients first and then pour in the water. It takes a bit longer to rest after removing from the refrigerator - 90 minutes instead of 40 minutes. Otherwise, the methods are very similar. I cut the recipe in 1/2 and it made two nice loaves. I also reduced the amount of yeast and salt by 1/3 and it was fine - even in my cold kitchen.

It is very tasty and filling. It had a moist crumb and firm crust. The two of us were not able to finish the loaf like we are the white variety. We can't resist the softer white bread - especially with olive oil. But it was perfect with soup on a cold rainy night.

If you want to try it yourself - check out their blog - Healthy Bread in 5 minutes.

Health Bread

Health Bread
Finished rising and out of the refrigerator

Health Bread
Shaped loaf resting before baking

Health Bread
Ready for the oven

Health Bread
Wanna slice?

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi from Scotland Marta, ohhhh yummy. Your bread looks so good and it has made me hungry. I think now I'm ready for a nice dinner tonight. I've missed reading your blog and luckily I have wi-fi in my hotel in Arisaig. I didn't know that I had. :)

I love your step by step photo. Maybe I'll get to try it when I return home!

Oh, gosh, that looks so good! I'll give it a try - I've loved the quick and easy bread recipe, but am ready to try something new. (Good to know you can use less yeast, too.) This sounds perfect. Thanks for the photos and the link!


I'm gonna have to try this one - man does that look delish. Thanks, Marta.

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