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Photohunt: Birds


Snow Geese on Fir Island
Snow Geese on Fir Island in Skagit Valley

This week's Photohunt theme is Bird(s). I knew right off what photos I would be using.

Just north of Seattle is the fertile delta of the Skagit River. Every winter from November through March, the skies are filled with Snow Geese over wintering from the Arctic. We love to drive up to Conway and cruise the country roads of Fir Island. In the summer, many farmers grow corn. The stalks are cut and the stubble is left in the fields over winter. The geese love these fields.

I am always amazed to see the noisy flocks swirling and covering the dark fertile soil like snow. Over the years we have seen the flocks grow and grow. They used to be hard to see - always in the distance but recently they have become more brazen and we have found huge flocks along the main highways.

We drove up to Mt Vernon two weeks ago. On the way home, we drove though Fir Island. The birds have arrived for their winter retreat.

Here are some more pictures that I took in 2008. Here is the post of that day.

Snow Geese on Fir Island
In the field

Snow Geese
Flock on the move

Snow Geese
Grabbing a bite

Snow Geese attracting a crowd
Attracting a crowd

Comments (17)

Love the photos ... Looks like you got *really* close to them!


WOW! Great photos of birds! And to allow people to stay really close to them... amazing.

LOVE the endless sea of birds feel in the first shot! Great photos!

Stunning shots, Marta!


They look like snow . . . nature's perfection.

That's cool! I really liked those pics, I think it would have been fun to be there. Keep up the good work and thanks for visiting my site. Feel free to come back often.


Fantastic! I especially love the one with some of them flying. Wow.

So amazing. The top one almost looks like a painting.

Now that's a gaggle! m

Oh Marta, those are AMAZING! Very cool photos!

What an amazing sight to see so many of them at one time. Your photos are wonderful.

I'm so glad our blogs were fixed in time for this photohunt (I love birds!)

Thanks everyone. It was an amazing day.

I am also soooo glad our blogs got fixed in time for this week's Photohunt.

Now that is a lot of birds!! Very cool photos. Must have been amazing to see them in person.

I am also glad that the blogs are fixed. Had my photos saved for a while for this post week's post also :)


That's a lot of geese! We have Canada geese that winter in the fields near us.

Marta, this was by far my favorite photo hunt posting this week! The flock on the move photo is amazing!

Wow. And I thought our Canadian geese were out of control. Impressive shots!

Great shots, Marta! What an amazing sight to see so many snow geese.

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