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Photohunt: Undesirable



This week's Photohunt theme is Undesirable. I'm in Hawaii this week so my thoughts are of warm and tropical places. Here is a picture of Durians that we saw in the market in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. Many people love the fruit but to others the smell makes the fruit 'undesirable'. In fact in several places we found signs saying "No Durians"

Another item we saw in the markets that I found undesirable were sago worms. These are a delicacy but I decided to pass on them.

Have a great weekend.

Singgahsana Lodge
No Durians in the room

Sago worms
Sago Worms

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I have heard so much about durians that I would like to try a bite, someday.

My Photo Hunt: Undesirable is up. I hope you have time to visit. Have a good weekend.

Boy, that's some scary looking fruit! What is the smell like? And what do they taste like?

Marta's reply - It is mostly the smell. It is kinda like rotting eggs or sewer. We didn't get a chance to try them since they really were not in season.

Never seen Sago worms before. I have never tasted Durian, the smell puts me off! Happy weekend


ok, the fruit *looks* as icky as the worms. Well done.

Sago worms - ugh! I watched Andrew Zimmern eat some on Bizarre Foods & threw up a little in my mouth. Great photo, though.

Don't think the worms would appeal to me at all, but very interesting to see!

That's hilarious that they have signs that say no Durians. Must be horrible, and no thanks on the worms too.


Durians taste heavenly but that smell is so strong and lingers on forever!


Oh my oh my...can't pass that Durian without eating. Durian's smell is truely undesirable but the fruit is really good. The worm for sure can't eat that lol! Thanks for sharing!


Gotta agree with the undesirable on these. Very cool looking photos though.

Oh now I'm really depressed looking at the cold gray day here! I'll take Hawaii, worms and all:)

I had to laugh. We also saw many signs in hotels around Thailand banning Durian from entering even hotel lobbies. I personally couldn't smell anything bad on them (not that I tried to anyway).

I always laugh about the durian fruit. My friend in Hong Kong calls it "stink fruit". Definitely an undesirable smell. I have yet to try it because of its smell. And EWWWWW on the worms. Had to scroll quickly past that photo.

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