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Photohunt: Fast


Thomson's Gazelle
Thomson's Gazelle

This week's photohunt theme is fast. This was really hard for me because I take most of my photos when I have slowed down. A couple of ideas crossed my mind - a fast moving stream, women rollerskaters (did that already), surf on Oahu. But these did not feel right.

So I decided to go with pictures of some of the fastest animals on earth. First up - Thomson's Gazelle. These sleek animals can run up to 50mph. Although slower than their predators such as a cheetah, they can often out last their predators. You'll find them in large herds across the grasslands of Africa. We saw them in Etosha in Northern Namibia.

Wildebeest or Gnu


Next up is the Wildebeest. When you see these animals sauntering across the horizon or clumsily getting up from the field, you wonder how they survive. But they are also one of the faster animals clocking to speeds up to 50mph.

Black Faced Impala
Black Faced Impala

Last is the Black Faced Impala. These antelope are also fast runners at 45mph. These are so beautiful. I love the sleek color and beautiful horns. All these animals survival depend upon speed.

Have a great weekend.

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Love the photos of the fast beasts. You take some incredible shots!

This is so funny! When I saw the theme for today, I said to myself, "I hope Marta posts some great pictures from Africa and all the fast wild animals there."
Thanks for granting my wish.

Wow excellent photos! Good choices.

My Photo Hunt is up! Hope you can visit. Have a good weekend.

Mrs. Mecomber


Perfect for the theme!

Great take on the theme, what great collection of animal photos!

Wow those are excellent photos. Happy weekend and a Happy Christmas

WOW! Beautiful shots. Have a great holiday!

Those are some really interesting looking animals! I hope I get to see them in person one of these days.

I would never guess that the wildebeast could move that fast. I'll be sure to never have one mad at me.

I've always thought of gnu as more a long runner, distance walker than a fast runner. 50 mph is nothing to sneeze at.

Amazing photos! I was also hoping you would post some animal photos from Africa :)

Wow! those are lovely photos and very good ones for the theme :-)

Gorgeous shots! It is amazing how quickly wild animals can go - especially when they sense a predator is nearby . . .

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, these are such beautiful photos. It is amazing how fast these animals are. The Gnu is so different looking and I'm surprised that they run so fast too! My poor Highland sheep and cows will not be able to keep up with them.

Happy Holidays Marta!

Such beautiful photos of those amazing fast creatures.

Happy holidays and a very happy new year to you and yours!


Beautiful photos.


What beautiful animals! Your photos are great!

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