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House Orchids

Maclellanara Pagan Lovesong "Ruby Charles"Maclellanara Pagan Lovesong "Ruby Charles"

It can be so dreary, dark, gray, cold here in the Pacific Northwest in winter. You get occasional days of sun. But so often it is depressing. The current temperature is 'warm' - 45°F or 7°C. Today it is a steady beat of a light rain. I have to turn on the lights in the afternoon. The warm glow of a candle can give a cozy feeling but otherwise it is just damp and cold.

But one thing that does add joy and warmth to the winter are orchids. Many of the species bloom in the winter and their blooms can bring joy to a room. Our local supermarket has had many on sale for around $10 - $12 US. That is almost less than a bouquet of flowers - and they last much longer.

We have a greenhouse which helps to grow them but in the winter once they have come into bud or we purchase them, we move them into the house. The cooler species such as Oncidiums, Miltassia - we can have in the living room. Others that take a little bit more humidity such Paphiopedilum and Phalaenopsis, we keep up in the bathroom. It has a skylight and high humidity and they bloom throughout the winter months. Their beauty brings us joy on the gray days.

Colmanra Wildcat Colmanra Wildcat

Miltassia Dennis Kleinbach 'Crowhurst'Miltassia Dennis Kleinbach 'Crowhurst

Oncidium Sweet SugarOncidium Sweet Sugar

Paphiopedilum hybridPaphiopedilum hybrid

Phalenopsis hybridPhalenopsis hybrid

Phalenopsis hybridPhalenopsis hybrid

Phalenopsis hybridPhalenopsis hybrid

Orchid Greenhouse in WinterOur orchid greenhouse in the gray

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Oh my - they are gorgeous. I have never had any luck growing orchids - wish I could. I think they are one of the most ethereal plants. Thanks for the photos. M

Wow, how beautiful! I can see how you would want to escape into your greenhouse on the gray gloomy days.


good grief -- your orchids are stunning! what a lovely antidote to the northwest grey!

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