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Photohunt: Balanced

Young Orangutan at Semenggoh Borneo

This week's Photohunt theme is Balanced. Okay... I admit. I could not come up with something for jiggy last week. All I could think about was Getting Jiggy with it by Will Smith.

But no problems this week with balanced. I had a lot of ideas and decided to go with Orangutans that we saw in Borneo. They have a wonderful ability to balance while pausing on the branches and swinging between trees. It looks so effortless.


Orangutan at Semenggoh

Young Orangutan at Semenggoh


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They do look so effortless! I wish I can look effortless like that when I am trying to balance in my yoga poses.

Happy Weekend, Marta!


Those are fantastic photos! Love the colour of those orangutans, absolutely gorgeous.

Getting Jiggy with it...LOL! Funny what crazy nonsense gets stuck in our heads, isn't it?!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, these are fantastic photos and a great idea and choice for this week's theme. I think it helps that they have those really long arms.

Now I have to do a Youtube search of that song? :)

Have a great weekend.

Barb Cabot:

when I go to the zoo I always love to see these entertaining Orangutans. I wonder about their name, does it have anything to do with their color? They are so funny.

They really are the most beautiful animals!

Thanks everyone. I do love their color also. Barb - Orangutan means person of the forest in Malay. It is perfect name for them.

What amazing creatures. I love the expressions on their faces. These are such awesome photos.

BTW, I skipped Jiggly too. All I could think of was jello. :)

Wow, that first shot is National-Geographic-fantastic!

Oh to have that kind of balance!

WOW, amazing photos,perfect for this weeks theme.


Aren't they just fascinating animals? Love all the photos you have here!!!

Very acrobatic. And the remind me of the Librarian at the Unseen University (Pratchett).

Great pics, Marta.

Wow! Very cool photos and a great take on the theme this week! Not sure if you realized but it was jiggly and not jiggy last week? Jiggy would be an impossible theme! At least for me... although jiggly was also a challenge :)

Heeheee.. no I was thinking jiggy and jiggly the same. Doh! It was still too tough. :)


Wow re your having seen orangutans in Borneo. On my visit to Sarawak, all I saw for the most part were icky creatures -- bats, snakes and rats! ;(

Great photos for this week's theme. Orangutans have always intrigued me - maybe it's there seemingly out-of-balance body parts?

love the different expressions of orang utan. great take on the theme.

Now that IS balance! Such handsome fellows. Have a great weekend

WOW - absolutely gorgeous shots of these wonderfol animals! You couldn't ask for a better take on the theme.

Monkeys of all types are so interesting to watch partly because of their balance. Great shot. I always enjoy getting around and seeing the different views of this weeks theme. Yours is cool!
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my PhotoHunt this week.

Marvelous photos! The color of their fur is so vivid. I wonder if trapeze artists got their idea of walking on ropes from these creatures...

Oh, they do make you laugh! Great photos!

You got some really nice shots!
I would never make it as an Orangutan, I have no balance.

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