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Welcome Elizabeth!

CatWe want to wish Congratulations to Trekcapri. She adopted a new 2 year old tabby cat named Elizabeth. They are both in for a treat! Getting to know and love each other.

We love sharing our lives with our cat - 14 year old Cassie. We got her as a small kitten. Her mother was a feral farm kitty. She is such a prima donna. We are totally her slaves.

We have a few tips. Cassie recommends Temptation treats. She also highly recommends hot sock tubes of catnip. Definitely arrange a warm sunny spot preferably with territory view. Set a few glasses of water around the house. Also leave lots of sparkly balls around to play with along with paper bags and boxes to hide in. Feathery toys and string are good. Laser beams drive me wild. I also like a variety of food - canned warmed with some hot water, dry so I can eat at my leisure, and if you really want to reward me - tuna or shrimp.

Here is one of my favorite internet cats - Maru - showing Elizabeth what to do with a large box.

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I knew you had a cat but I don't think I'd seen her before. Cassie has such a beautiful face!


I did not know that you are a cat owner as well. Cute one too!


Cassie is beautiful - we had a cat a few years ago with that same colouring. My daughter named her Rainbow, very appropriate I thought! Excellent tips, and so true - especially the territorial view in the sun!

Cassie is a beautiful cat - she looks loved too! m

Ahh cats - so nice to see that their behaviour is he same no matter on which continent they reside! *smile*

Cats and Moving Boxes. LOL.
Guess we know.
The movie-clip is really hillarious.

We have two Manx Cats.
At the present also 3 kitties.
That is, we are living in a Cat House. No doubt who are ruling here.

Have a great week to come

This video cracked me up. Reminded my of when I stayed with my friends in Italy. Their new cat had a ball with a box they had in their living room. The cat would wake me up early in the morning with all the noise from jumping into the box and sliding across their tile floor.

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