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Photohunt: Broken

Christmas 001
Chocolate Breaking Fork

This week's Photohunt theme is broken. Tnchick is really challenging us with this year's themes. Broken seems a little strange since this is Valentine's Day weekend. I always think of chocolate on Valentine's Day so ... my picture is of a chocolate breaking fork which is used to break large blocks of chocolate before melting. I borrowed this from a friend that makes Chocolate truffles. I broke up some unsweetened chocolate for a Chocolate espresso cake linked below. It is a great utensil if you have purchased large blocks of chocolate to cook with.

Here are some more pictures of broken chocolate and the resulting sweets. I hope you and your sweetheart have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Christmas 009
Chocolate Espresso Cake made from chocolate broken with the fork

Chocolate Polenta Tart
Theo's Chocolate broken for Chocolate Polenta Tart

Chocolate Polenta Tart
Chocolate Polenta Tart

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
Lindt 70% bittersweet chocolate broken for Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Comments (6)

What a delicious take on the theme, Marta.
Happy Valentine's Day.


A yummy take on the "broken" theme. I was thinking of how much I would have sampled if I were the one breaking the chocolate.

My post has chocolate on it too. :)

Gawd, Marta,I KNEW I was in trouble when I read the word 'chocolate' in your post! Then, I saw further that sumptuous looking cake you made, AND had to follow the links to the Chocolate Man. THANKS! menehune PS: Oh yes, great take on the theme too. And, I agree, these subjects are more challenging - but I like a challenge! m

I've never seen or heard or a chocolate breaking fork--it looks like it would be handy for breaking up blocks of chocolate!! Your Chocolate Espresso Cake looks yummy. We don't have any chocolate on our Valentine's Day menu, but I'll be making a Flan de Coco. Have a great weekend.

Now this is torture! Especially since I cannot eat chocolate anymore. Great idea for the theme this week!

I want to be at your house next Valentine's Day! Great take on the theme.

Thanks so much for solving the problem with my flower. I knew someone out there would know what flower that is because I thought it was so beautiful we wanted to find it again.

Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog ;^)

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