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Inside Jogyesa Temple Seoul

Jogyesa Temple

Yesterday, I showed you the beautiful exterior of the Jogyesa temple in Seoul. We had a chance to peak inside the interior of the Great Hero Hall on our quick visit. First we had to take off our shoes.

Jogyesa Temple

The hall was full. Many people were chanting and bowing so we did not have a chance to explore much of the temple interior. But even from the sides, the Buddha triad was stunning. They represent the Sakyamuni Buddha in the center, Amitabha Buddha to the right and Bhaisaiya Buddha(Medicine Buddha) to the left. The hall is known as the Great Hero Hall because it enshrines the Buddha Sakyamuni. The Buddha Sakyamuni is known as a great hero because he overcame greed, hatred, and delusion and is their original teacher. There is also a smaller wooden statue of the Sakyanumi Buddha in the hall.

Too quickly it was time to leave. It gave us just a taste of all there is to see in Seoul. Here are a few more pictures of the interior of the temple.

Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa Temple
Amitabha Buddha

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Barb Cabot:

Can't get over the massiveness of the deities. A beautiful place.


Very amazing. I echo Barb's comments, those Buddhas are massive! Must be incredible to see in person.

Great shots, Marta.


That is stunning, Marta!

The shoes look like a party in Hawaii!

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