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Photohunt: Spiral

Scala del Bovolo - Venice
Scala Contarini del Bovolo - Venice

I knew right off what I wanted to post for spiral. This is an old picture that I took on our trip to Venice in 2002. It is the famous spiral staircase in Venice - Scala Contarini del Bovolo. Translated it is roughly the sprial staircase of Conatrini. It was designed in 1499.

We rented an apartment that was right on the small courtyard and overlooked the staircase. This was the view everyday from our windows. It was really spectacular on evening when there was a thunderstorm and lightening was striking the metal dome. We met our friends in Venice and spent the week exploring - walking, getting lost and admiring the wonderful and mysterious city.

If you are looking for the staircase, you can find it down a small alley off Campo Manin.

Scala del Bovolo - Venice
The small sign pointing out the small alley to the small square where you can find the staircase.

Sketch by my good friend

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Great angel in your shot and what a wonderful take on the theme.

I love your friend's sketch of Scala del Bovolo.

MAGNIFICENT!!! What glorious architecture! It must have been such an experience, seeing it every day. Wow. OK, I am officially jealous.

My Spiral post is here. I hope you can visit. :)

It's absolutely beautiful. Old European architecture is so breathtaking.

How lovely.

The building is very well intricately made I just wonder how they do it. Happy weekend!

Sea Shell

What a treasured memory and a gorgeous building - even by 1400 standards. Venice is truly a unique place. Thanks for sharing.

How lucky to have such a view, the sketch is really fabulous. I hope you have that framed!


Lovely (as always!)

I played too.

What a great spiral! I even like the alley.

This is stunning. I love all the arches and wonder how long it took to construct that tower. Glad I stopped by.


I'd totally forgotten about that sketch :-). That was sure a fun trip.

Lovely post.

The thunderstorm must have been exciting, but scary. I like the arches. We used to live in a flat in Spain that had arched windows like that.

I love the Scala del Bovolo even though I have yet to see it. I was so close to it on my last trip but it was midnight when Anne (Andasamo) and I walked by the Campo Manin.

Your friend’s watercolor is beautiful!


What a great photo for this weeks theme! So beautiful. I'd love to go there. Mine's up!

The Misplaced Midwesterner

Great sketch, Marta!

wonderful! that spiral staircase is definitely a work of art!

Campo Manin! Now I remember. Great take on the theme this week! Love the sketch.

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